by Hans ten Cate
Monday, 11 September 1995

Welcome to the Monty Python's Daily Llama, an electronic fanzine celebrating the life and works of the one and only Monty Python. Uhm, make that the six and only Monty Python.

There are other fanzines out there, to be sure. Some of them even electronic... there's Dan Fisher's "Monty Python's Flying eZine" [now defunct] which is a fun e-mail-based newsletter, (however, I haven't heard from him in a while, are you out there, Dan?). There's also the wonderful "Britcomedy Digest" produced by Melinda Casino and James Kew, which is absolutely fabulous! Of course don't forget the alt.fan.monty-python newsgroup and the newsgroup's homepage (which has many Monty Python links), maintained by Bonni Hall

First let me clear up a few things right off the bat, as I'm sure there's bound to be some misconceptions about this publication. The "Daily Llama" is, in fact, not daily at all. Sorry. I'd be lucky to make the bugger a monthly feature, but I will do my darnest to bring new and interesting facts to your electronic doorstep as soon as I finish my lunch...

WARNING: this newsletter is not about, or in any way related to, the Dalai Lama, the titular head of Tibetan Buddhism. Except for this bit. Nor is it a tribute to Spanish painter Salvador Dali and soap actor Lorenzo Lamas. Nor does it actually contain anything particularly interesting about llamas (genus camel no-humpus). So, whats left, do you say? Well Monty Python of course! And the six silly fellows who founded this wonderful brand of comedy.

We hope that you find this first issue the best and most illuminating reading you've ever had in the last five minutes. I've chosen only a few topics to write about this time (I have a life too, you know), but more is already underway.

This would also be a good time to recruit willing contributors to the newsletter. Anyone out there have anything particularly interesting or fun to share about Monty and his Python's? Send us an email!