by Hans ten Cate
Monday, 11 September 1995

October, as many fans know, is a big month for Monty Python. Not only is it the traditional anniversary for the Monty Python television series (which first aired in the U.K. on October 5, 1969), this year it is also a big release month for Python related videos.

Last year's 25th anniversary brought a number of television specials, reunions, film festivals as well as several books (George Perry's new "Life of Python," the "Monty Python Datebook"), trading cards, t-shirts, and audio recordings (re-releases of many of the Python albums on CD as well as "The Instant Monty Python CD Collection").

Here are some things to look for this October:

CASPER, the hit summer film starring Monty Python's Eric Idle, will hit video stores in the United States on October 10. Eric Idle plays "Dibs," the bumbling, sniveling companion of Carrigan Crittenden, the owner of the haunted Whipstaff Manor where Casper and his uncles live. Eric's performance is great. I'm still surprised sometimes by Eric Idle's rather "weathered" appearance, try watching a Flying Circus episode and then this latest film (twenty years difference!). Have you seen the Casper World Wide Web home page and interactive game? [link has expired -- 6 Sep. '98]

MARY SHELLY'S FRANKENSTEIN, which has been available as a rental in the United States since May 9, will also be available this October in video stores. The October release means that the video will be sold at the regular retail price, usually around $30 (whereas the current purchase price is approximately $100). Many of you may remember John Cleese in the role of "Dr. Waldman," who teaches Victor Frankenstein about the posibilities of re-animated life. John Cleese delivers an incredibly dramatic performance and is almost unrecognizable through the make-up, wig, and false-teeth.

Also projected for an October release is the Macintosh version of the award-winning MONTY PYTHON'S COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, a CD-ROM chock-full of Monty Python computer gizmos. 7th Level, Incorporated has been working hard on the Macintosh version since late January. The CD-ROM includes screen savers, graphics, sounds, animations, and a game: "The Secret to Intergalactic Success." Have you seen 7th Level, Inc.'s web page? [no longer operational -- 15 April 2002]