by Hans ten Cate
Thursday, 5 October 1995

¡Cuidado! Llamas!!!! Welcome back for another installment of fish... no, thats not it... uhm... installment of hamsters, no, bum (oooh what a give-away)! Start again!

Today (October 5) is the 26th anniversary of Monty Python! It was 26 years ago that Monty Python first aired on British television. So it was only fitting that a new issue of "Daily Llama" go on-line! For now, it appears that this anniversary will be quietly observed by fans everywhere. No special events have been mentioned (Comedy Central, the American cable channel, won't even be airing a single episode of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" today), but perhaps there will be more to report in the next issue of the "Daily Llama." Other noteworthy recent Python observances include the date of Graham Chapman's death (October 4th) and the 20th anniversary of Fawlty Towers (which first aired 19 September, 1975).

In this issue, we are glad to provide you with the scoop on Terry Gilliam's new film, "Twelve Monkeys." As for the "Daily Llama" itself, more than 200 visitors have perused through the first issue since it aired on World Wide Web. However, we are still waiting to hear from the silent masses on what they think of the "Llama" or, at least, llamas in general. So drop us a note! Keep those cards and letters coming...