by Hans ten Cate
Thursday, 21 December 1995

One... two... five! Yes! Its the fifth edition of the "Daily Llama"! The long awaited third in a series of two, completely unexpurgated and fully sanitized for your protection! However, due to bad planning we can only show it to you in three-inch lengths.

This issue is dedicated to the marvelously funny 1983 epic comedy film, "Yellowbeard." The film stars three of the original Pythons - Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, and John Cleese - as well as other comedy legends: Richard "Cheech" Marin and Tommy Chong (of "Cheech and Chong" fame), Marty Feldman, Peter Boyle, Kenneth Mars, and Madeline Kahn (all four from the Mel Brooks films), as well as Peter Cook and Spike Milligan.

Included in this issue is some information about a rarely seen documentary film made during the production of "Yellowbeard" and which can now be purchased from the original filmmaker himself!

Also, Michael Mileham, the filmmaker in question, provides reflections on Peter Cook and a recent celebration held in Cook's honor in Los Angeles. Peter Cook died earlier this year on January 9th of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage. He was 57. Monty Python fans know of the profound effect Peter had on British comedy, including the inspiration behind much of the type of humor made popular by the Pythons. In a January 23 feature article in "New Yorker" magazine, John Cleese remarked that Peter Cook "...was the greatest creator of comic material that I've ever come across." Monty Python owes much to the legendary Peter Cook, the comedian's comedian.

Now before you begin frothing at the mouth and falling over backwards about "where are issues three and four?" and all that rubish, the management has instructed us to tell you to piss off! These issues will be along shortly. These issues will most likely focus exclusively on all of the latest multimedia and video game offerings starring the Pythons! We found so much stuff recently we had to bring it to you in installments.