Virtually Python: Monty and Company Go Multimedia
The first in a series of articles about Monty Python related multimedia products. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

"Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time" for Macintosh Debut!
Finally, the Macintosh version of the popular Complete Waste of Time, Monty Python's first full-fledged multimedia product, comes out for the Macintosh platform. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

In Production: "Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail" CD-ROM Game!
Early story about how 7th Level was busy working on their next Monty Python game, based on their first feature film, "Monty Python & The Holy Grail." Tuesday, 16 January 1996

"Monty Python's Flying Circus Desktop Pythonizer"
Pythonize your PC or Macintosh desktop with this product that also came bundled with Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time. Add backgrounds, sounds, icons, and screensavers. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

"Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time" Hint Book
Stuck in one of the lobes of Mrs. Zambesi's brain? Use this guide book to assist you through the Complete Waste of Time pixel hunt. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

"Animations of Mortality:" Terry Gilliam's New Interactive CD-ROM Game
Enteractive Inc. reported 7 November 1995 that they were working with Terry Gilliam to make a CD-ROM game based on his book Animations of Mortality. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Monty Python Breaks Into Your Home Entertainment Game System
Introductory piece on how Monty Python has suddenly exploded onto the computer game scene. Why hadn't someone thought of this before? Actually, they had... Tuesday, 16 January 1996

"Discworld: The Trouble With Dragons," Featuring Eric Idle
Eric Idle lends his voice to the first animated computer game based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld fantasy books. Eric plays the character of Rhincewind, the main character in a large number of Pratchett's books. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Terry Jones's "Blazing Dragons"
A computer game created by Terry Jones, based on the idea that dragons are better than humans. Terry Jones also lends his voice to the game, as do a number of other celebrities. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

"Monty Python's Flying Circus," The Computer Game!
In 1991, Virgin Software produced and released a fun DOS-based game called Monty Python's Flying Circus. In this side-scrolling action shooter, you play Mr. Gumby who is in search of missing pieces of his brain. Navigate through mazes of Pythonesque obstacles and collect spam, baked beans, spam, eggs, spam, spam... Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Monty Python Titles for the Compact Disc Interactive (CD-i) System
Even Philips' CD-i got their fair share of Python software products. Not only three unique Python titles but a fair number of John Cleese's Video Arts training films were released for the CD-i. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Monty Python's More Naughty Bits (CD-i)
A collection of the best Monty Python sketches ever. Use an interactive menu to choose scenes from the television series, the films, and even a scene from the German Fliegender Zirkus shows. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Live With(out) Monty Python (CD-i)
Every Python fan's dream: doing karaoke to a Monty Python sketch. Select which actor you want to play and the CD-i disk will leave out the audio track at the right places, leaving you to provide the words! Select from many of Monty Python's most famous sketches. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Invasion from the Planet Skyron (CD-i)
The first truly interactive Monty Python-based game for the CD-i. Play a variety of Pythonesque games and win points to view some of the famous Monty Python sketches. The higher the points you cash in, the better the sketch. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Daily Llama's Multimedia Summary
A quick overview of the various Monty Python-related multimedia titles and the platforms they support. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Discworld & Blazing Dragons Screenshots
A few screenshots from the Discworld CD-ROM, featuring the voice of Eric Idle, and Terry Jones's Blazing Dragons. Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Terry Gilliam on "The Late Show" this Past December
A bit about Terry Gilliam's appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, which aired. December 27, 1995. Sunday, 17 March 1996

Terry Gilliam: The Letterman Dialogue
The full text from Terry Gilliam's appearance on the Letterman show. Includes images of Terry and David. Sunday, 17 March 1996

Monty Goes to the Oscars
Introductory piece about the March 25, 1996 Academy Awards, in which "12 Monkeys" was nominated for two Oscars. Friday, 10 May 1996

"12 Monkeys" Comes Up Short in 1995 Oscar Run
"12 Monkeys" was recognized in two separate Oscar categories. One nomination went to Brad Pitt in the Best Supporting Actor category and another to Julie Weiss for Best Costume Design. Friday, 10 May 1996

How a Few Pythons Almost Made It...
Thus far, two Pythons have come close to walking up to the Oscar podium. Terry Gilliam received an Oscar nomination in 1985 for Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen for the movie "Brazil." Three years later, in 1988, John Cleese and Charles Crichton were both nominated in the Best Screenplay category for "A Fish Called Wanda." Friday, 10 May 1996

... And How the Rest Was Won
Even though none of the Pythons themselves have won Academy Awards, two post- Python projects have received actual Oscars. Kevin Kline won one in 1988 for Best Supporting Actor in John Cleese's "A Fish Called Wanda" and Mercedes Ruehl won three years later for Best Supporting Actress in the Terry Gilliam-Directed "Fisher King". Friday, 10 May 1996

The Complete Monty Python Oscar Trivia List
Here are all of the major Python-related films to receive Oscar nominations or awards as of May 1996. Friday, 10 May 1996

Maggie Weston: An Unsung Python Runs for Oscar
Description. Friday, 10 May 1996

The "John Cleese" Award??
Being nominated or actually winning an award is quite an honor. No argument there. But how about actually having an award named after you? The International Association of Audio Visual Communicators created the John Cleese Comedy Award to recognize humor as an effective tool in non-theatrical audiovisual production. Friday, 10 May 1996

"And the Winner is... Terry Gilliam for..."
Four of Terry Gilliam's film projects have received Oscar recognition in the past 10 years. A total of 13 nominations! Here are some additional films Gilliam would have directed and now probably wished he had after their Oscar wins! Friday, 10 May 1996

Other Oscar Mentionables
Here are a few "honorable" mentions we did not see fit to include in an earlier Monty Python Oscar Trivia List. Friday, 10 May 1996

Terry Gilliam, Universal, & Architect Settle Copyright Dispute - "12 Monkeys" Not to Be Re-Edited
Artist and futuristic architect Lebbeus Woods attempted a court ordered preliminary injunction barring Universal Studios from distributing the mobile prisoner chair scenes in "12 Monkeys" since they had been "borrowed" from previous sketches by Woods without his permission. Monday, 10 June 1996

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Calendar
A review of the calendar based on last year's marvelous "Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book" by Terry Jones and artist Brian Froud. Monday, 10 June 1996

The 1996 Monty Python Calendar
You've seen the film, you've read the book, you've worn the T- shirt, You've put the kettle on, now buy the calendar. Yes that's right the Monty Python 1996 Calendar is now available. A review by Bruce Jewell. Monday, 10 June 1996

Python Quote of the Month
Terry Gilliam, remarking on the difficulties of filming his often ambitious and expensive projects. Monday, 10 June 1996

Monty Goes to Washington
This cartoon, depicting John Cleese, appeared on April 13, 1995 in "Washington Technology." Monday, 10 June 1996

"Monty Python & The Holy Grail," The Best Film of 1996!
So what is the deal with Monty Python & the Holy Grail this year? Since January, three major Python products have debuted, all tied in some way to the "Holy Grail" film. Sunday, 22 September 1996

Daily Llama Now a Part of PythOnline!
Visitors to the old Daily Llama web address may have noticed our recent move to the Official Monty Python website, PythOnline. It was a great honor to have been contacted by 7th Level to join as part of the site in early March. Sunday, 22 September 1996

Review: 7th Level's "Quest for the Holy Grail" CD-ROM Game
A review of the new Monty Python computer game. You control King Arthur, his trusty servant Patsy, and the Knights of the Round Table and guide them through the various and famous locales of Arthurian England. Sunday, 22 September 1996

Cornerstone's Very Funny Very Wide™ "Holy Grail" Trading Cards
This past June, Cornerstone released a set of 76 Monty Python & the Holy Grail Trading Cards. Sunday, 22 September 1996

The Original Monty Python's Flying Circus Cards
This elaborate set of 114 trading cards was released on the occasion of Monty Python's 25th Anniversary in 1994. Sunday, 22 September 1996

Kenzer & Co. Debut The World's First Monty Python Home Game!
This past July, Kenzer & Company, a game company in Palatine, Illinois, released Monty Python and the Holy Grail: The Collectible Card Game. Sunday, 22 September 1996

Welease Bwian!!!
Noted Python biographer Kim "Howard" Johnson was present in Tunisia during the filming of "Brian" in 1978 and has agreed to provide Cornerstone with some of his personal behind-the- scenes photos! Sunday, 22 September 1996

"Monty Python & The Holy Grail CCG" - A Quick Overview
So here, quite simply, are the rules of the Holy Grail card game. Sunday, 22 September 1996

Bibliography Update
Here are some of the recent and more notable additions to the Monty Python Bibliography. THE GOBLIN COMPANION: A FIELD GUIDE TO GOBLINS and A CENTURY OF COLLEGE HUMOR. Sunday, 22 September 1996

A Monty Python Scratch-and-Listen Card?
One of the funniest and most unusual gags of Cornerstone Communication's original Act I trading cards (or indeed of any card series ever created) is the very rare Scratch-and-Listen card. Sunday, 22 September 1996

Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Extremely Nasty Cards
The Monty Python & The Holy Grail Collectible Card Game is great fun. We present to you some of the coolest cards we have come across so far. Sunday, 22 September 1996

The Monty Python T-Shirts
Readers interested in Cornerstone's products should be aware that they also offer a collection of Monty Python t-shirts. Sunday, 22 September 1996

Bibliography Update
Here are some of the recent and more notable additions to the Monty Python Bibliography. Two videos: THE MEANING OF LIFE and YELLOWBEARD. Sunday, 22 September 1996

Monty Python & The Holy Grail CCG Rules of the Game Part 1
The complete rules to the Monty Python and the Holy Grail Collectible Card Game. Sunday, 22 September 1996

Monty Python & The Holy Grail CCG Rules of the Game Part 2
The complete rules to the Monty Python and the Holy Grail Collectible Card Game. Sunday, 22 September 1996