by Hans ten Cate
Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Do you have a PC but not a CD-ROM drive? Want to relish some of the wonderful sounds and sights of the "Complete Waste of Time" CD-ROM but don't want to shell out the 50 clams for the whole package? Well here is an alternative. The "Monty Python Desktop Pythonizer" (PC Windows only) is a diskette-based (and considerably smaller) version of the original "Complete Waste of Time" Pythonizer.

7th Level, Inc. released the six diskette version of the Pythonizer not long after the initial release of the CD-ROM. The Pythonizer allows users to add hilarious Python sounds to particular Windows events, such as the opening of certain applications, and to the keyboard. Also included are a number of Monty Python screen savers, living (i.e. interactive) and dead (i.e. not interactive, as such) wallpaper, and Monty Python icons. Users also have the option of adding Python events to their data files using Object-Linking-and-Embedding.

Some sample images and sounds from this product can be downloaded from 7th Level's web site as well [company & website no longer available -- 15 April 2002]. The software sells for about $30.00 (U.S.).