by Hans ten Cate
Tuesday, 16 January 1996

"Blazing Dragons" by Crystal Dynamics is an original, irreverent graphic adventure game created by none other than Monty Python's Terry Jones!! Over 3,000 frames of character animation bring 40 unique characters to life, including five hours of celebrity voice overs from Cheech Marin to Jessica Hahn (and, of course, Terry Jones himself!).

You play the game as "Flicker," an eager, eccentric young dragon who splits his time between concocting contraptions and training to be a Squire in the court of Camelhot. In this world, dragons are gentle, benevolent creatures who snack on rare crystals, while humans are grasping, covetous little wretches whose lust for those crystals will plunge the peaceful kingdom into darkness and destruction. You uncover an insidious plot by the humans, the evil Sir George has put out an army that will destroy all dragons forever! Unfortunately, you can't get the other dragons to take you seriously long enough to avert impending doom. The psychotic Pied Piper, Trivet the cynical jester, the hyper-active bartender and maniacal Mervin are just a few of the ridiculous characters that you'll meet on your way to the King's Tournament.

The game is divided up into "rooms" - richly detailed, hand-painted settings where Flicker must search for objects and devise methods for overcoming obstacles. Each room is multi-layered and three dimensional, allowing you to sniff out every nook and cranny.

Expect to see bizarre and hilarious twists in the Monty Python tradition. The "CAT-a-pult" arcade sequence, for example, requires you to launch a live cat at shooting-range style targets, all suitably done up in a castle facade. Another sequence forces you to do a dance duet with an obese buffoon on a tacky barroom stage.

In creating Flicker and the story behind the game, Terry collaborated with Gavin Scott (of the "Young Indian Jones Chronicles") and Nelvana Limited, one of the top animation houses in the world. In addition to Terry Jones, other celebrity voice-overs include those of Cheech Marin and Jessica Hahn

The game is set to be released this March 1 in the United States. Check out the following web pages for more information about Blazing Dragons and Crystal Dynamics.

[Ed. Note: It appears that the release date for "Blazing Dragons" has been pushed back to the 2nd Quarter of 1996. Also, Crystal Dynamics has since put up its own web site.]