by Hans ten Cate
Tuesday, 16 January 1996

Live Without Monty Python is an excellent companion disc to "More Naughty Bits" and offers more interactivity than the latter as well. This is because, for the first time anywhere, fans can participate in Python songs and sketches using karaoke-style subtitles and audio control.

Of course, you can play the 16 classic Python songs and two sketches straight through, just like the "More Naughty Bits" disc. Among the songs and sketches are: the "Lumberjack Song," "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," the "Camelot Song" and the "Parrot Sketch." If you want to partcipate in the songs or sketches, just activate the karaoke function. With it, you can sing/talk along with the Pythons or switch the spoken audio tracks off and have a go at it yourself. You can also turn on/off the karaoke-style subtitles to help you if you don't remember all of the words (but what self-respecting Python fan wouldn't?). Note that the disc's interactive function means that this is a Digital Video CD-i disc, and not a cross-platform VideoCD.

As with the "More Naughty Bits" disc, the instructions, control system, and on-screen menu are somewhat confusing. Also the on-screen lyric prompts are apparently not that smooth either. In addition, the audio quality on this disc has suffered somewhat due to the remastering that had to be done to make the songs interactive.

As with "More Naughty Bits," "Live Without Monty Python" has been available in Europe since 1994 and was produced by Daedalus CD-i Productions in association with Python (Monty) Pictures, Ltd. The disc was also recently released in the United States and sells for $29.98. "Entertainment Weekly" gave it a slightly higher rating than "More Naughty Bits," but not by much: a solid B, mostly for the improved interactivity.


  • Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
  • Lumberjack Song
  • Every Sperm is Sacred
  • I've Got Two Legs
  • The Meaning of Life
  • Money Song
  • Bruce's Philosophers Song
  • Accountancy Shanty
  • Camelot Song
  • Penis Song
  • Dennis Moore Theme
  • Sit on my Face
  • Galaxy Song
  • Never be Rude to an Arab
  • Brian Song
  • Argument Clinic
  • Parrot Sketch