by Hans ten Cate
Friday, 10 May 1996

Well, the Oscars have come and gone. Once again. About thirty-seven film industry workers, stars, and directors took home Oscar statues this March 25. Terry Gilliam's film "12 Monkeys" was graced with two Oscar nominations this year - a fact that did not go unnoticed by many Python fans. Unfortunately, "12 Monkeys" did not walk away with any. Well, as they say, it was an honor just to have been nominated...

Still, the degree to which our Python boys have managed to gain acceptance among the highest echelons of the entertainment industry is a subject worthy of investigation. Two of the Pythons, Messers Terry Gilliam and John Cleese, have themselves received Oscar nominations. Moreover, Terry Gilliam's unusual style of movie-making and ability to attract a critical mass of creative talent has associated him with no fewer than thirteen Oscar nominations, ranging from Best Art Direction to Best Costume. And some of the films have even been winners! Mercedes Ruehl won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Terry Gilliam's "The Fisher King." Three years before that, Kevin Kline won the Best Actor Oscar for his hilarious portrayal of Otto in John Cleese's "A Fish Called Wanda."

In this issue of the "Daily Llama" we'll take a complete look at the Monty Python's near triumphs at the Oscar ceremonies in Hollywood.