A review by Bruce Jewell
Monday, 10 June 1996

You've seen the film, you've read the book, you've worn the T-shirt, You've put the kettle on, now buy the calendar. Yes that's right the Monty Python 1996 Calendar is now available.

Unlike previous calendars this one actually contains 12 months. A novel concept by Monty Python's standards. So what is new with the 1996 calendar? For a start it is dedicated to (in the author's opion) their best movie - Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

Each month of the calendar is dedicated to one of the scenes from the movie. Without giving away all the scenes, those included are; "Black Knight" and the "Castle Anthrax". Each month contains a large colour print of the scene, with the details of the month below each picture. Included on the actual calendar side of each month are smaller images belonging to each scene along with sections of the script.

The pictures contained in each month are brilliant, and for those absolute loonies out there they could be cut out in 1997 and framed to make excellent wall hangings, especially to be hung in the dinning room and admired whilst enjoying a pleasant repast.

These is no doubt that this calendar is a must for all those Monty Python fans and is certainly reasonably priced. The recommended retail prices are UK£ 8.99 / AUS$19.95 / US$25.95.

Unfortunately at the time of this article these were the only prices available. The calendar is being produced again by the Ink Group - ISBN 1-875842-17-9.

So what are you waiting for... visit your local store that stocks calendars and walk up to the shopkeeper and in a loud and steady voice say "I would like to buy a copy of Monty Python's 1996 Calendar. In fact I will have two - one for the back of the toilet door" and you will be the envy of all your friends.