by Hans ten Cate
Sunday, 22 September 1996

Visitors to the old Daily Llama web address may have noticed our recent move to the Official Monty Python website, PythOnline. It was a great honor to have been contacted by 7th Level to join as part of the site in early March. [ed note: as you can tell, the Daily Llama moved to its own web server when 7th Level no longer could support the Pythonline website - 15 April 2002]

Some of you may also already know of Eric Idle's close involvement with PythOnline. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eric Idle explained why he got involved: "I love being shown new technology and fucking about with it. When we got into TV, nobody had mined it for silliness, so we were given the toys and allowed to play. That's what I find exciting about the Web; we're just playing with the toys. And there are no executives, which I really find refreshing."

The Daily Llama asked Eric recently how PythOnline was doing since its July 6th debut. He responded excitedly that "so far we have over 7 million hits in 7 weeks. Our highest day was a staggering 258,000 hits. We have almost 20,000 members of the Spam Club and seem to be going great."

We certainly hope that some of those visitors have dropped by the Daily Llama. We hope to feature a longer article on PythOnline in a future issue. As always, we're eager to hear your comments. So drop us a line! And be sure to also visit the Daily Llama's sister websites:

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