by Hans ten Cate
Sunday, 22 September 1996

Cornerstone wants to hear from you!

As we mentioned in Daily Llama 11 [now llama047.html], Cornerstone has licensed the rights to use images from the Life of Brian film for a third and brand new set of Monty Python trading cards. If the success of the Holy Grail trading cards is any indication, this is sure to be another winner. Noted Python biographer Kim "Howard" Johnson was present in Tunisia during the filming of "Brian" in 1978 and has agreed to provide Cornerstone with some of his personal behind-the-scenes photos!

Unfortunately, Cornerstone has had to hold off on creating this new Monty Python card set. Cornerstone Director Walter Rowan told us that "We would love to do a Life of Brian set, but sales of trading cards in general are flat and we are not sure if the time is right. All the photos for the set have been chosen already. They are magnificent! So it would not take too much time to put a set together."

Still, it is not too late for Python fans to get in on the act. Rowan told us that "fan feedback would be appreciated. Do fans want a Life of Brian set?" So how about it fans? Send an e-mail to Cornerstone Communications at cornercard@aol.com to let them know you want Life of Brian trading cards!!

In any case, stay tuned to the Daily Llama for future announcements.