Fierce Creatures -- New Film Brings the Stars of A Fish Called Wanda Together Again for the First Time
Introductory piece on Fierce Creatures, the new film starring the cast of A Fish Called Wanda. This kicked of a series of articles on the film which was released into theaters on 24 January 1997. Wednesday, 12 February 1997

Eric Idle's The Owl and the Pussycat
Eric Idle is Third Python to Become Author-of-Children's Books - Eric Idle's first children's book, The Owl and the Pussycat is based on Edward Lear's nonsense poem by the same name. Wednesday, 12 February 1997

Fierce Creatures: The Cast
About the cast of the new film, Fierce Creatures, starring John Cleese, Michael Palin, Kevin Kline, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Wednesday, 12 February 1997

John Cleese Shoots Daughter Cynthia
Cynthia Cleese makes another appearance in one of her father's films. This time she plays a zoo keeper in Fierce Creatures. A bit about her appearance in the film and her marriage to screenwriter Ed Solomon. Wednesday, 12 February 1997

Fierce Creatures: The Plot
Fierce Creatures tells the story of... well, read about it here. Wednesday, 12 February 1997

Take Me to Your Leader! Erm, Never Mind!
A cartoon which appeared in conjunction with Kim "Howard" Johnson's April 1985 article on Monty Python in Starlog magazine. Wednesday, 12 February 1997

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat!
The original poem The Owl and the Pussy-Cat as written by poet, painter, and children's book author Sir Edward Lear. Wednesday, 12 February 1997

On Writing Fierce Creatures
The film Fierce Creatures is based on an old 1967 comedy sketch written by Michael Palin and Terry Jones called "The Zoo." Like A Fish Called Wanda, John Cleese spent a long time writing and refining the script for the new film. Monday, 10 March 1997

Python Quote of the Month
Eric Idle's recent observation on his history with Monty Python. Monday, 10 March 1997

Fierce Creatures - The Production
Fierce Creatures was filmed at Pinewood Studios and at an actual zoo, Marwell Zoo in Southern England. Any film with lots of animals is going to go through a series of challenges. Fierce Creatures was no exception. Monday, 10 March 1997

Fierce Creatures - The Premiere
John Cleese's new film, Fierce Creatures, permiered at Universal City's Cineplex Odeon Cinemas in Los Angeles on January 24, 1997. Lots of celebrities were on hand for the colorful premiere. Monday, 10 March 1997

Fierce Things... Harsh Criticisms
Fierce Creatures didn't do as well in theaters when it premiered. This, despite fairly positive reviews by critics and by people who saw it. Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Python Quote of the Month
John Cleese on writing scenes for the film Monty Python's The Meaning of Life with Graham Chapman. Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Fierce Creatures Reshoot Delays Film's Premiere by Nine Months
Like A Fish Called Wanda, the ending to Fierce Creatures was refilmed because early test audiences didn't care for scenes in which one of Kevin Kline's characters was killed off. This article provides a brief chronology of the film's history and some never-before-seen information on the film's original ending. Wednesday, 20 August 1997

A Red-Kneed Tarantula Named Terry
Michael Palin had to get used to working with a Mexican red-kneed tarantula in the film Fierce Creatures. In honor of Terry Jones and his involvement in the original sketch on which the film is based, the tarantula was named "Terry." Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Tits Bits... Uh... Tid Bits
Fierce Creatures had a very large number of product endorsements from various companies and celebrities. Actress Lisa Hogan, who stars in the film, experiences a near-fatal airplane accident. Fierce Creatures also has a large number of veiled references to Monty Python sketches and John Cleese's original comedy hit A Fish Called Wanda. Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Behind the Scenes Photographs of Fierce Creatures
Since a lot of scenes were filmed at the Marwell Zoological park, the Marwell Zoological Society Photographic Group were able to take a large number of photographs of the cast and the film happenings at the zoo. They were kind enough to lend these photos to the Daily Llama. Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Monty Python Receives the Empire Inspiration Award
The members of Monty Python accept the Empire Inspiration Award from British entertainment magazine, Empire. Three of the Pythons were on hand to receive the award and provided speeches. Eric Idle and John Cleese provide video-taped acceptance speeches. Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Chaplin, Picasso, Hitler, Monty Python
Text from a private fax sent from Michael Palin to Eric Idle after the Empire Inspiration Award. Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Michael Palin Arrives in Style
Some photos of Michael Palin arriving at the awards ceremony. Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Terry Gilliam Wins Best Director at Empire Awards
Terry Gilliam wins the award for best director at the Empire Awards, hosted by British entertainment magazine Empire. He wins for his directing of the science fiction thriller, 12 Monkeys. Wednesday, 20 August 1997

John Cleese Becomes First Python Grandparent
Cynthia Cleese gives the world the first Python grandchild. Evan Daniel Solomon is born on March 25. And there was much rejoicing... Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Maggie Gilliam's Diary
Terry Gilliam's wife, Maggie, provides text from her diary, written on the day of Terry's award for best director at the Empire Awards. Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Hazel Pethig, Costume Designer Extraordinaire!
The first lady of costumes. Hazel Pethig's memories of her work as costumer on the set of Monty Python's Flying Circus and the Python films. Wednesday, 20 August 1997