by Hans ten Cate
Wednesday, 20 August 1997

Thanks to the generosity of the Marwell Zoological Society Photographic Group, the Daily Llama is able to provide you with some very exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs taken on the set of Fierce Creatures! Some of these photographs may also be found at the Marwell Zoo's photographic group website. The group was nice enough, however, to send us a large number of photos which you won't find anywhere else! Special thanks go to David Baxter of the Photographic Group.

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs are the copyrights of David Baxter and the Marwell Zoological Society Photographic Group. The reproduction and distribution of these photographs without the permission of Mr. Baxter and the Photographic Group is strictly forbidden.

[in the interest of server space, we've only kept the thumbnails of the photos below and removed the links to the larger photos. sorry about that. - 19 April 2002]

Photo 1: Michael Palin receives a quick touch of make-up
Photo 2: Cynthia Cleese, Robert Lindsay, and Carey Lowell wait for the next scene
Photo 3: Jamie Lee Curtis, also an amateur photographer, takes a photograph of Robert Lindsay and Cynthia Cleese holding their favorite mammals
Photo 4: Robert Lindsay contemplates his next scene
Photo 5: British comic legend Ronnie Corbett, who plays Reggie Sea Lions in Fierce Creatures, takes a quick nap

Photo 6: John Cleese and director Robert Young discuss a scene
Photo 7: John Cleese and Kevin Kline stand by
Photo 8: The crew prepares to film Kevin Kline
Photo 9: Kevin Kline holding a shotgun (part of a scene which was cut from the final version of the film)
Photo 10: A nice candid photograph (nudge, nudge) of Python alumnus Michael Palin

Photo 11: John Cleese, daughter Cynthia, and director John Young review a scene on the video monitor
Photo 12: John Cleese, Cynthia Cleese, and John Young
Photo 13: John Cleese, Cynthia Cleese, and John Young
Photo 14: John Cleese, Cynthia Cleese, and John Young

Photo 15: The rear of Marwell Hall doubled as the Aquarium Cafe in the film
Photo 16: Marwel Hall is prepared for a scene
Photo 17: John Cleese on the set of Fierce Creatures
Photo 18: Robert Lindsay and Carey Lowell prepare for another take

Photo 19: Michael Palin and members of the cast of Fierce Creatures
Photo 20: Actress Choy-Ling Man and another Fierce Creatures cast-member
Photo 21: The Fierce Creatures clapboard which bears the film's original title Death Fish 2
Photo 22: A camera being put into place for a scene in the Aquarium Cafe
Photo 23: John Cleese reviews a scene on the video monitor

Photo 24: John Cleese talks with a crew member on the set of Fierce Creatures
Photo 25: John Cleese, Michael Palin, and other cast members laugh at a scene they had just filmed
Photo 26: Michael Palin with cast and crew members watching video footage
Photo 27: John Cleese (with his chair in foreground)
Photo 28: John Cleese, Kevin Kline (dressed as Rod McCain), director John Young, and crew watch the video monitor
Photo 29: John Cleese chats with actress Maria Aitken who plays administrative assistant Di Harding in Fierce Creatures and who also starred in A Fish Called Wanda as the hard-headed wife of Archie Leach

Photo 30: John Cleese does a silly walk on the set of Fierce Creatures
Photo 31: John is the Minister for Silly Walks!
Photo 32: John Cleese, Kevin Kline, and crew on the set of Fierce Creatures
Photo 33: This particular lemur was obviously not very camera shy
Photo 35: John Cleese pauses between scenes in his kangaroo costume
Photo 35: A photograph of the cast and crew of Fierce Creatures, with their children