From a private fax to Eric Idle from Michael Palin. published with the author's permission... published on PythOnline 7 March 1997
Wednesday, 20 August 1997

...A few hours earlier we (i.e. Python) were given a standing ovation at the Empire Awards. Honestly, EI you should have been there to see it. It was as if we were Chaplin, Picasso or Hitler. Softened up by some and very well-received Hollywood input from you and whatshisname they rose to their feet as Sir Elton of John invited the tottering trio - mainly Terrys and me - up onto the stage. Quite strange really. They applauded and so on for half a minute or more. If you and John had been there I think we could have screwed another half minute out of them (and these are busy people). If Graham had momentarily flickered in the backcloth - well, hysteria. Am I getting soft in my old age or what? Anyway a good occasion and shows that they still remember us despite Martin Lewis...


Michael Palin arrived at London's Park Lane hotel in style, having been driven through the busy London streets on a Limo Bike. The Empire Awards are not the expensive galas like the Emmys or the Oscars. No haute couture and limousines here - not a single Armani tuxedo was evident at the affair. Michael arrived wearing a denim shirt, blue blazer, and rain coat. Here are some photographs.