John Cleese Up for U.S. Emmy Award for Appearance in NBC's "3rd Rock from the Sun"
John has secured himself another American Emmy Award nomination. This time, for his portrayal of eccentric professor Dr. Liam Neesam in NBC's "3rd Rock from the Sun." Tuesday, 28 July 1998

Monty Python Dancer Nominated for American Emmy Award This Year
British actress Jane Leeves was nominated this year for her five-year portrayal of Daphne Moon on the NBC television series "Frasier." Few people know that she had her humble beginnings as a dancer in the movie "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life." Also, Eric Idle was a recent "guest caller" on Frasier. Wednesday, 9 September 1998

Toad the Wet Sprocket are to Split Up (Again)
The California band that took its name from a Monty Python sketch have reportedly disbanded. Sounds all too much like the original sketch they took the name from. Wednesday, 9 September 1998

BBC Reported to Show Long Lost Monty Python Sketches in 1999
Several Monty Python sketches that were deemed to be too risqué when they were originally produced in the 1970s have been discovered and may wind up in a TV special scheduled to air on the BBC in October of next year. Wednesday, 9 September 1998

Monty Python's Daily Llama Announces New Website
The official announcement that gave birth to this website. Announced on the usual newsgroups (alt.fan.monty-python, alt.movies.terry-gilliam, alt.comedy.british, rec.arts.tv.uk.comedy) and AskPythOnline. This, on the 29th anniversary of Monty Python! Monday, 5 October 1998

Palin Leaves BBC Publisher
Michael Palin dumped his long-standing publishers, BBC Worldwide, after frustrations with the BBC's inability to provide reprints of his travelogue books to his fans. Tuesday, 13 October 1998