Michael Palin Dropped from Final Print of Hanks/Ryan Romantic Comedy
Michael was to have appeared in "You've Got Mail," another romantic comedy by Nora Ephron starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Sadly, due to concerns about the film's running time, Michael Palin's scenes were completely eliminated from the final film. Sunday, 17 January 1999

Fans Get Their Wish: John Cleese to Star in 19th James Bond Opus
James Bond fans have, for years, been speculating that John Cleese should become the new Bond gadget-man "Q" when Desmond Llewelyn decides to retire from the role. This November Cleese will appear as Q's deputy assistant in Bond 19: "The World is Not Enough." Monday, 18 January 1999

John Cleese to Spend Five Year Tour as Professor at Cornell University
Entertainment Weekly ran a brief piece on John Cleese accepting a teaching position at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He is to conduct seminars on comedy and psychology there. Two of his favorite subjects. Monday, 18 January 1999

Llama Droppings - Volume 1
Michael Palin's "Hemingway's Travels"... Holy Grail on DVD Release Update... Graham Chapman Archives Website Unveiled... John Cleese Heads Out of Town... Kim Howard Johnson's First 280 Years Delayed Again... Cleese Addresses His Students... Life of Brian Tune No Longer Popular with Dead People... Friday, 26 February 1999

Pythons to Reunite for 30th Anniversary Special on BBC
John Cleese announced to the media on March 26 that the members of Monty Python's Flying Circus would be reuniting for a four hour BBC special on October 16. The Python reunion tour, announced last year in March, does not seem likely. Tuesday, 6 April 1999

Monty Python's Flying Circus to Jump Onto DVD This Fall
A&E Home Entertainment plans to release all of the Flying Circus episodes on DVD this fall as boxed sets. The long awaited release may include special segments featuring interviews with the Python cast and crew as well as behind-the-scenes shots. Wednesday, 7 April 1999

Daily Llama Creator Mentioned in Update to Cleese Biography
Last year, author Jonathan Margolis published an update to his 1992 book Cleese Encounters. In addition to updates on Cleese's life and activities, Margolis was kind to include some research provided by Daily Llama editor Hans ten Cate and even talks about Hans in the book. Saturday, 24 April 1999

Eric Idle Visits South Park
Eric Idle will appear in this summer's animated feature film South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. When rumors surfaced, we asked Eric Idle about the part. Watch the movie starting June 18 and read about one of the most successful animated series ever here. Sunday, 2 May 1999

Llama Droppings - Volume 2
Monty Python Speaks! - To Vanity Fair... John Cleese Makes Splash At Software Conference... Burn Hollywood Burn Sweeps Razzies... Terry Jones Directs Imax Film, Starring Cleese!... Monty Python Newsletter Say No More Begins Distribution... John Cleese Documentary Loses At Baftas... Thursday, 20 May 1999

'Monty Python: A Celebration' Offers Little New Under the Sun
Review of the new Python book, Monty Python: A Celebration by Richard Topping. The book is fine, but will it stand up to the other Python retrospectives awaiting publication later this year? Saturday, 29 May 1999

Terry Gilliam Promotes 'Dark Knights & Holy Fools'
Excerpts from a press release announcing the release of the new Terry Gilliam biographical book Dark Knights & Holy Fools: The Art and Films of Terry Gilliam. Monday, 31 May 1999

South Park Correction
Eric Idle provides a correction to our previous South Park article. Wednesday, 9 June 1999

Comical Biopic Of George Washington To Feature John Cleese
Variety announces that John Cleese will star in a new film The Making of the President, 1789, a humorous biographical film about America's first President, George Washington. Wednesday, 9 June 1999

A&E Launching Major Monty Python Campaign?
A&E is on the verge of announcing some major Monty Python initiatives. A new website, http://www.pythonshop.com, will be unveiled July 10, the same day the Flying Circus shows return to cable (Saturdays on A&E) in the United States. New information on the Flying Circus DVDs (and images of the new packaging) is provided as well! Sunday, 4 July 1999

Eric Idle Sings Monty Python Songs
Eric Idle will be performing songs from Monty Python and other fun stuff at the J. Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles. Sadly, the one-time-only show (July 9) was sold out immediately. Eric Idle tells the Daily Llama about the upcoming event. Sunday, 4 July 1999