by Hans ten Cate
Wednesday, 9 June 1999

Eric Idle was kind to point out an error in the recent Daily Llama South Park article (see "Eric Idle Visits South Park," Daily Llama No. 95). In the original article, Eric Idle was reported as having told the Daily Llama that he had tried to convince fellow Python member Terry Gilliam to provide a voice-over for one of the South Park characters.

In actual fact, Eric Idle had been trying to entice monsieur Giliam to make an animated film of his own. "I was trying to persuade Terry to make an animated movie which would use all our voices - i.e. a Python animated film," clarified Eric Idle.

An animated Python film? Brilliant! "I think it would have been a smart and wild and funny project - but he was not to be persuaded," added Eric. "He keeps insisting on ruining actors lives..."