by Hans ten Cate
Wednesday, 13 February 2002

The 2002 Toy Fair is being held in New York City (February 10-14). SideShow Toy, a company now well-known to Python fans, is at the fair and they announced the folowing... in follow-up to their wildly successful Monty Python & the Holy Grail action figures, the company will be releasing additional Holy Grail action figures this year! Prototypes of several new figures were on display at the fair (see below). In all, here is what SideShow says fans can expect to see in the not-too-distant future:

  • A September 2002 Series 2 release of the Five Knights
  • Tim the Enchanter (John Cleese)
  • The Dead Collector (Eric Idle)
  • Dennis the Peasant (Michael Palin)
  • Dennis’s Mother (Terry Jones)
  • Roger the Shrubber (Eric Idle)
  • The Bridge Keeper (Terry Gilliam)
  • Prince Herbert (Terry Jones)
  • King of Swamp Castle (Michael Palin)

All figures will be released as limited editions worldwide. SideShow's own coverage of the event can be found at Here are some photos of the NEW Holy Grail figures that were on display at the fair.

Further info from their site: "Last year Sideshow Toy released its first series of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Due to the silly nature of Sideshow Toy in falling woefully short of satisfying Monty Python fans, the marketing firm of "WOGGS, PALMER AND LLAMA" has strongly urged the aforementioned company to release a new edition of "Holy Grail" figures. Sideshow is debuting it’s September 2002 Series 2 release of the Five Knights, ,Tim the Enchanter (John Cleese), The Dead Collector (Eric Idle), and The Black Knight (John Cleese) in New York City at Toy Fair."

Knights of Camelot - Series 2

Presumably this is another run of the original five knights that were sold out. Demand was very popular for the original series, it may be that SideShow has decided to extend it and produce the exact same figures. Perhaps some additional goodies will be released along with the September knights... for example, SideShow repackaged their Spinal Tap figures in a collectible case - wouldn't that be cool?

The Black Knight

The Black Knight, sculpted by Jared Chapman (no relation), is a limited edition of 10,000 units and is currently expected to ship around July/August 2002. This 12-inch highly articulated figure has detachable limbs and comes with a two-handed sword. The detachable limbs is an interesting innovation.

The Dead Collector

The Dead Collector is sculpted by Mat Falls. It will be a limited edition of 7,500 and will ship approximately September/October 2002.

This 12" figure is based on the charater of the Dead Collector from the Monty Python comedy 'The Holy Grail.' The Dead Collector is highly articulated and comes with an authentic replica of the costume, a wooden club and an iron triangle. The head is sculpted to feature the likeness of Eric Idle.

Tim the Enchanter

Some call him....Tim. Tim the Enchanter is a 12 inch, highly articulated figure featuring the authentic likeness of John Cleese. The figure comes with a ragged, flowing robes and a wooden staff. This limited edition series of 7,500 was sculpted by Mat Falls and will be shipping approximately September/October 2002.


Already in stores (but we thought we'd mention it just the same) is Patsy, the trusty servant. Patsy was an immediate follow-up to the original five knight figures after demand for the knights of Camelot sky-rocketed. This limited edition of 7,500 figures is now shipping. The figure was sculpted by Mat Falls and depicts Terry Gilliam, as King Arthur's faithful servant Patsy. This 12" figure comes with over 20 points of articulation, coconuts, backpack, trumpet, crown and flag.