by Hans ten Cate
Thursday, 16 May 2002

John Cleese has been listed in the cast of this summer's Eddie Murphy sci-fi comedy Pluto Nash (in theaters August 16).

John Cleese allegedly voices the robot chauffeur who carts around Eddie Murphy's character.

Monty Python Überguru Kim Howard Johnson (who is also John Cleese's assistant) confirmed that Cleese had done a voiceover for Pluto Nash, "... he recorded it more than two years ago!"

Set on the moon in the year 2087, Pluto Nash stars Eddie Murphy as an audacious nightclub owner who finds himself in hot water when he refuses to sell his club to the local mob. The lunar gangsters are helping the mysterious Rex Crater mastermind a plan to take over the moon.

Watch the film (and hopefully catch Cleesey) this August 16.