by Hans ten Cate and Darryn Hall
Tuesday, 2 July 2002

PythOnline has 'acquired' the Daily Llama and its webmaster, Hans ten Cate, in a move to expand Pythonline's offerings of timely and behind-the-scenes information to fans.

“Hans ten Cate from the excellent Daily Llama has agreed, at gun point, to join forces with me to assist PythOnline to become the mother of all websites,” anounced Darryn Hall, who has kept PythOnline's heartbeat going after it was abandoned two years ago by commercial backer 7th Level, Inc.

“I'm so glad,” wrote Eric Idle of the Daily Llama's agreement to join PythOnline. “It will be in wise hands.”

PythOnline will be maintained by Darryn and Hans under the auspices of the Python Office in London. PythOnline is still, first and foremost, the official Internet home for Monty Python and the troupe's founding members. As such, fans can still go to www.pythonline.com to find news, announcements and general "hello's" directly from the Pythons themselves.

There are lots of surprises ahead and new features will be added to PythOnline gradually. In the near term, "New Stuff" will link to The Daily Llama for the latest Monty Python news taken from today's headlines and from the Pythons' waste paper baskets. Longer term, expect lots and lots of content, news, contests, give-aways and surprises.

“Stay tuned,” said Darryn, “PythOnline is about to become the ultimate site.”