by Hans ten Cate (thanks to Kim Howard Johnson)
Sunday, 25 August 2002

Photo: Barrymore, Diaz, and Liu on the set of Charlie's Angels 2: Halo Source: The Sun

John Cleese will be featured in Charlie's Angels 2: Halo, the sequel to the very successful 2000 film starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu. The original made over $125 million in the United States. Principal shooting on the sequel has already started, as evidenced by the steamy car wash photo (right).

Cleese's role will involve about a week's worth of filming, and he will be in several scenes, playing the father of one of the Angels.

Any guesses? Believe it or not, it's Lucy Liu! She's a big fan of John and reportedly asked for him personally. The scenes were actually written for a woman who would play her mother, but now the part is being specially re-written for John.

“Observant fans will note that John is playing Lucy's father here and Cameron Diaz's father in Shrek 2,” said Python aficionado and Cleese-assistant Kim 'Howard' Johnson, “so the joke is that he will have to play Drew Barrymore's father next...”

The film will also feature a host of well-known names in Hollywood: John Forsythe, Luke Wilson, Matt Le Blanc, Demi Moore, Robert Patrick, Bernie Mac, and Crispin Glover. Demi Moore is ending her five-year hiatus from the film industry and will appear in Charlie's Angels 2 as a character named Madison Lee, a former Angel who has turned to the dark side.

Charlie's Angels 2: Halo is scheduled to be released in the United States July 20, 2003.