by Darryn Hall
Monday, 11 November 2002

John Cleese and Kim "Howard" Johnson are to co-write an upcoming Superman graphic novel

In what must surely be one of the most bizarre and surprising associations in recent Python memory, John Cleese is set to co-write a 96-page, graphic novel Superman adventure for DC Comics. Joining him as co-writer is none other than prolific Python author and current Personal Assistant to Cleese, Kim "Howard" Johnson.

Details of the graphic novel are still sketchy, but in an exclusive first for PythOnline, KHJ has told us that the novel will probably be released around December 2003. He also tells us that "it's JC's first work in the comic book field, and the story will definitely contain some Cleesian touches". One can only imagine what that could mean!

KHJ is himself no stranger to the comic book field. His wife Laurie Bradach was, until a few years ago, owner of Event Comics, which published and developed characters such as the Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti creation 'Ash' - The fireman turned superhero. KHJ was involved in the development deal with the Steven Spielberg company 'Dreamworks' to bring Ash to the big screen in an animated feature.

More info will more than likely be released by DC Comics and PythOnline later in 2003. As far as how this project will be received, perhaps KHJ sums it up best - "It should be a treat for both comic book fans and Python fans!"

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