Ian Macnaughton, Flying Circus Helmsman, Dies
This article, from The Times in the UK, remembers director Ian MacNaughton, who died December 10, 2002. He directed all but four of the Flying Circus television episodes as well as the Pythons' first film And Now for Something Completely Different. Saturday, 11 January 2003

Words for Ian Macnaughton - By Terry Jones
Terry Jones remembers friend and Flying Circus director Ian MacNaughton. Saturday, 11 January 2003

Eric Idle to Debut "Rutland Isles" Album March 2003
iMusic and BMG release the first installment of a 168-part documentary about the Rutland Isles. Join Nigel Spasm as he embarks on a visit of this 498-thousand-island paradise. Sunday, 9 February 2003

A Short History of the Rutland Isles Project - By Eric Idle
In this PythOnline exclusive, Eric Idle tells fans, in his own words, about the Rutland Isles album. Sunday, 9 February 2003

SideShow Toy Debuts Life of Brian Line of Action Figures
At this year's Toy Fair, SideShow Toy has announced a further expansion to its Monty Python family. It's... Graham Chapman as Brian from Life of Brian! And... Terry Jones as Mandy, Brian's mother! Sunday, 16 February 2003

SideShow Toy Ships Knight Who Says 'Ni!' and Bridgekeeper
SideShow has announced that it has begun shipping the now-sold-out-and-very-rare Knight Who Says 'Ni!' figure. Also, shipment of the Bridgekeeper doll is not far off... Sunday, 16 February 2003

UK DVD Release of Jabberwocky - February 17
17 February 2003 marks the UK DVD release of Terry Gilliam's first solo directorial effort, Jabberwocky, now available from Columbia/Tristar. Monday, 17 February 2003

Criterion Releases Special Edition Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas DVD
The well-known Criterion Company has just released Terry Gilliam's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on DVD. The two-disc DVD set is a remastered digital transfer of the original film and is jam-packed with extra features. Tuesday, 18 February 2003

Lost in La Mancha Update
Lost in La Mancha, the documentary about Terry Gilliam's attempt to film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote - Terry's version of the classic Cervantes story - is now in limited release in the United States. Here is an update on the film's U.S. release... the DVD... and the BAFTA nomination. Sunday, 2 March 2002

New Book About Python Collaborator Douglas Adams
Hitchhiker: A Biography of Douglas Adams was just released in the U.K. this month. The book was penned by Mike "M.J." Simpson and contains many stories about Adams' Pythonic collaborations.
Saturday, 8 March 2003

Pythons in Aspen... Again!
Starting in 1998 with a hugely historic Python reunion, the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen has been the venue for several significant Python sightings. Eric Idle visited Aspen again this year and John Cleese could be seen at the film festival in the film Scorched. Wednesday, 26 March 2003

Monty Python: The Movies Debuts April 14
John Goldstone wrote to tell us that a five-disc DVD box set, featuring all four major Python films, will be available in the UK on April 14. Columbia Tristar has also launched a corresponding website (www.pythonboxset.co.uk) where fans can find interactive content and games. Saturday, 12 April 2003

French Monty Python to Appear in this Year's Edinburgh Festival
The original sketches used in the Flying Circus television shows are to come to the Edinburgh Festival this summer - and it will all be performed in French. The French Pythons will give only nine performances, beginning August 2. Tuesday, 8 July 2003

Shrek Semi-Sequel Features John Cleese
Visitors to the film Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas received a free read-along CD-ROM entitled Shrek and Fiona's Honeymoon Storybook. The CD-ROM is narrated by John Cleese and serves as the plot bridge between the two Shrek feature films. Monday, 14 July 2003

New Generation Discovers Monty Python
Twenty-eight years after it was released, Monty Python and the Holy Grail still has a healthy cult following among each new crop of teenagers. This article about young Python fans appeared in the Florida Times-Union and features quotes from Kim 'Howard' Johnson. Monday, 14 July 2003

Monty Python's Life of Brian is the Funniest Film of All Time
Monty Python's Life Of Brian has been voted the funniest ever film in a survey of 4,000 movie buffs by Choices Video, a UK-based video rental chain. Monday, 14 July 2003

Eric Idle in Delgo, A New Computer Animated Feature Film
Eric Idle has teamed up with Val Kilmer, Burt Reynolds, and Jennifer Love Hewitt in the computer animated film, Delgo. Eric will voice the character Spig, a bumbling, pompous—yet dimwitted—imp in the fantasy adventure currently under development at Fathom Studios in Atlanta. Monday, 21 July 2003

Diamond Select Toys to Debut Talking Monty Python Action Figures
Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles of Timonium, Maryland has announced that it will release the first-ever talking Monty Python action figures this year. Each figure, based on characters from the Holy Grail film, will come with a Grail logo base which, when pushed, will say one of three phrases. Tuesday, 5 August 2003

Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch to Have World Premiere in Los Angeles
Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch, the much anticipated sequel to Eric Idle's 1978 mockumentary, will receive its world premiere in Los Angeles on August 16. The screening is part of the first annual Don't Knock the Rock Festival, which is being held August 15-17 in various venues throughout Hollywood. Tuesday, 5 August 2003

My Books of the Year 2002, by Eric Idle
Seeing how as a PythOnline redesign is still forthcoming, sometimes things slip through the cracks. Case in point: Eric Idle's favorite books of 2002. Eric's "favorite books" list had become an annual tradition on PythOnline. Not one to muck with tradition, here is the list... at last. Tuesday, 5 August 2003

Long Awaited Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: Special Edition DVD Available Soon
Recently, John Goldstone gave us a sneak peek at the amazing special edition DVD set of Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. The two-disc set will be available in U.S. stores September 2. Thursday, 14 August 2003

Hold the Back Page! Idle to Tour Again
Eric Idle's announcement for PythOnline that he will be back on the road with The Greedy Bastard Tour this fall. Described as an evening of songs, skits and skirts, Eric will be performing new material from his latest CD as well as lots of old favorites. Wednesday, 20 August 2003

You Can Help Release Rutles 2!
A huge enthusiastic crowd turned up at the Arclight on Sunset on August 16 to see the world premiere of The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch. Unfortunately, the film has gone back into the vaults at Warner Brothers. Read on to learn how to help convince Warners to release Rutles 2 in theaters! Sunday, 31 August 2003

Monty Python's Flying Circus Makes Radio Times' List of All-Time Top 40 Shows
Radio Times' TV editor Alison Graham has named the greatest 40 television programs ever made. The list was revealed on 27 August, with Monty Python's Flying Circus making the list at number 22. Sunday, 31 August 2003

John Cleese to Reprise Role of "Q" in Next James Bond Video Game
On June 27th, video game publisher Electronic Arts announced that their upcoming videogame James Bond 007™: Everything or Nothing™ will feature the voices of Pierce Brosnan, John Cleese, and Dame Judi Dench in their original roles. Saturday, 6 September 2003

Monty Python's Meaning of Life 2-DVD Set Released
It's finally here! The two-disc Special Edition DVD of Meaning of Life was released in stores September 2nd. Read more about the DVD set and download trailers! Saturday, 6 September 2003

Cleese Records Part for Shrek 2
John Cleese, who voices Princess Fiona's father in the upcoming computer-animated sequel film Shrek 2, told SCI FI Wire that he has been fine-tuning the royal character over the course of four recording sessions. Friday, 12 September 2003

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Collector's Edition DVD to Debut September 16
September 16 will see the debut of the Collector's Edition DVD of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It is an enhanced repackaging of the extremely popular DVD set, released by Columbia-Tristar on 23 October 2001. Friday, 12 September 2003

SPAMELOT: The Broadway Musical Announced
SPAMELOT, a new musical adaptation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, will open on Broadway in the Spring of 2005, with music and lyrics by Eric Idle and John Du Prez. The musical will feature a completely new score (including two songs from the 1975 film). Friday, 12 September 2003

Greedy Ba$stard Tour Dates Available
With only a few weeks to go until the start of Eric Idle's Greedy Ba$stard Tour, fans can check for tour dates and other information on the official Greedy Bastard tour page. Sunday, 14 September 2003

The Pythons: Autobiography by the Pythons to be Published Soon
Mark your calendars... the last book the Pythons will ever write together is coming to a bookshop near you. The Pythons: Autobiography by the Pythons will be published worldwide in a few weeks. Monday, 15 September 2003

John Cleese to Unveil Official Cleese Website
John Cleese is to launch himself on an unsuspecting internet public with his official and fully dedicated personal site, www.thejohncleese.com. Wednesday, 24 September 2003

Empire Magazine Elects Monty Python to Hall of Fame
The U.K.'s entertainment magazine, Empire, has elected The Pythons to this month's Hall of Fame. Every month or so, the magazine celebrates an influential filmmaker in its “Hall of Fame” feature - documenting the contributions of certain celebrities to the world of cinema. Sunday, 28 September 2003

Actress Jennifer Julian Rejoins Eric for Greedy Bastard Tour
Montana-born actress Jennifer Julian, who toured with Eric Idle during his 2000 Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python Tour, will co-star in Eric Idle's Greedy Ba$tard Tour this fall. This is a reprint from Montana's Daily Inter Lake newspaper. Sunday, 28 September 2003

An Interview with Bob McCabe, Editor of The Pythons: Autobiography by the Pythons
Bob McCabe, who is perhaps best known to Python and Terry Gilliam fans as a chronicler of Gilliam's film efforts, is now also the editor of The Pythons: Authobiography by the Pythons. Here is what Bob had to say about working on the three-year project. Sunday, 28 September 2003

John Cleese to Grace Will and Grace This Season
Kim 'Howard' Johnson tells us that John Cleese will be doing six episodes of Will & Grace this season, playing Lestor Finster, the father of Lorraine Finster, the character played by Minnie Driver. Monday, 29 September 2003

Eric Idle Shares Greedy Ba$tard Journal
Eric Idle is officially on the road and the Greedy Ba$tard Tour has begun! Eric has started a journal of the tour and entries are being uploaded to the Greedy Ba$tard website: www.pythonline.com/eric_idle.html. Saturday, 4 October 2003

VIP Packages to Eric Idle's Greedy Ba$tard Show Up for Bid
Jam Theatricals and the William Morris Agency are auctioning special VIP packages on eBay to selected Greedy Ba$tard Shows. Check the tour dates on the Greedy Ba$tard Tour website for eligible venues. Thursday, 9 October 2003

Michael Palin Tells Fans About His Himalayan Adventure
Michael Palin recently shared some early news about his new travel series, Himalaya with Michael Palin. The six-part series will air on BBC in late 2004. Sunday, 12 October 2003

Monica Belucci Joins Terry Gilliam's Brothers Grimm
Monica Bellucci has joined the cast of Terry Gilliam's Brothers Grimm, according to the September 26 issue of Variety. The $75 million dollar project began shooting in Prague, Czech Republic on June 30. Sunday, 12 October 2003

John Cleese's Bidet
Today is John Cleese's birthday, and what better way to celebrate the tall-one's b-day (bidet?) than by encouraging you, the loyal fans, to spend money watching films featuring him. Here is some late-breaking gossip about John as well as his recent and upcoming films. Monday, 27 October 2003

First Cleese Appearance on Will & Grace This Week
John Cleese will be making his first of six appearances on the Will & Grace sitcom this week. The episode, Heart Like a Wheelchair, airs this Thursday evening on NBC television in the United States. Tuesday, 4 November 2003

Collaborator and Composer Michael Kamen Dies
Michael Kamen, the Grammy-winning and Oscar-nominated composer who collaborated with Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle on a number of films, has died at age 55. Thursday, 20 November 2003

Eric Does Cameo on Aussie Comedy Album
The Hollywood Motel, a new comedy album by Australians Gary Eck and Lee Perry, features a dead-on impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who performs a deliciously funny rendition of Alway's Look on the Bright Side of Life. Eric was so enthused by the project, he agreed to do a cameo on the album as... himself. Friday, 21 November 2003

International Meaning of Life DVD Release Dates Announced
Universal Pictures International has sent us the release dates for the Special Edition of the Meaning of Life DVD. The two-disc set, with over two-hours of additional bonus material, saw its debut in the United States on September 2nd. Saturday, 22 November 2003

Holy Grail's Bridgekeeper's Question Finally Answered
History was made on the Internet this past week with the publication of a seminal piece of research, Estimating the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow.The question posed by Terry Gilliam's Bridgekeeper character in Monty Python & The Holy Grail has fiinally been answered. Sunday, 23 November 2003

Carol Cleveland Launches Own Website
Carol Cleveland, the dazzling and talented Pythoness who played the glamorous female roles in the Flying Circus shows and Python films, has launched her own website, www.carolcleveland.com. Carol invites fans to 'step into her world' where she tells all about her career, her current whereabouts, and of course her days with Monty Python's Flying Circus. Tuesday, 25 November 2003

Terry Jones's Who Murdered Chaucer? Published
Terry Jones wanted to let visitors to PythOnline know that his most recent book, Who Murdered Chaucer?, has been published by Methuen Publishing Ltd. in the U.K. Monday, 8 December 2003

Eric Idle Receives Grammy Nomination / Roald Dahl Gets Python Treatment
Eric Idle was nominated for a Grammy Award last Thursday for Best Spoken Word Album For Children for his reading of Roald Dahl's famous children's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is not the first time, in fact, that Roald Dahl has seen Pythons scurrying under his wainscotting...
Monday, 8 December 2003