press release "The Rutland Isles -An award seeking documentary"
Sunday, 9 February 2003

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The Rutland Isles - An award seeking documentary

Join Nigel Spasm as he visits the legendary islands that lie at the West Pole.

The Rutland Isles are a chain of extinct masonic islands in Melanoma, created millions of years ago when Norway rammed into Costa Rica and then went south for the weekend. There are over 498 thousand of them.

These virgin islands, so far untouched by television, are so remote that they have not yet been visited by British men in shorts.

Now Nigel Spasm has changed all that.

In his classic 168 part documentary Nigel visits these weird islands and presents an aural portrait of the people, the flora, the fauna, and the sheep of The Rutland Isles.

iMUSIC and BMG are proud to present a CD sampler of two of Nigel Spasm's classic radio documentaries.

In Part One, Nigel visits Paranoia, the country which hides from other people, where he is in time to celebrate Muggers Day. He looks for The Paranoid Canal, the only underwater canal in the world, and visits The Royal Camouflage Regiment.

In Part Two he visits The Over Friendly Isles and watches the muff divers going about their dangerous business. He sees the local men fishing for compliments, and searches for The Randi, a legendary lost tribe so horny they scared the pants off Columbus.

You will love the unusual animals of The Rutland Isles, from the extinct bisexual dinosaurs to the modern gay dolphins, who impersonate Liza Minelli, the surfing apes, the penis fish, the barking lobsters and the deadly trouser snake.

Join Nigel as he samples Paranoid pre-chewed meat, the regurgitated delicacy, and visits General Gucci, the Supreme Paranoid, who will usually see people only when they are dead.

This classic award seeking documentary is lavishly illustrated with the rich music of The Rutland Isles including such songs as the legendary single-entendre Banana Song, Whoops Look Out Behind You, Killing for God, Muff Diving, Fishing for Compliments and the famous anthem Oo give me some of that Oomalungalunga.

Enjoy this classic CD sampler of two of Nigel Spasm's award seeking documentaries, as he visits the land so far unvisited by the Travel Channel.

Sergeant Pepper changed the face of recorded music.

Now come The Rutland Isles.

Unconnected perhaps.

Or not.

Who knows.

Start again. Sorry.

First there was Monty Python.

Then there wasn't.

Now there is still Eric Idle.

This is his first comedy album in 150 years.

So what?

So nothing.

This won't do.

Eric Idle has broken a long comedy silence with a classic award seeking documentary in which Nigel Spasm, one in a long line of British men in shorts, visits remote places and brings you a look at the people, the flora and the sheep of The Legendary Rutland Isles.

If you like travel documentaries, comedy, and funny music then don't miss The Rutland Isles coming soon to a record store, a calendar and a website near you.

Oh wait, Track Listings:

    1. Intro
    2. Rock Stars
    3. Penis Fish
    4. Rutland Triangle
    5. National Anthem
    6. Whoops Look Out Behind You
    7. Mugger’s Day
    8. Pre-Chewed Food
    9. Contracepcion
    10. Killing For God
    11. Analology
    12. Flipper Minnelli
    13. Gay Animal Song
    14. West Pole
    15. Camouflage Regiment
    16. General Gucci
    17. Hey Rita
    18. Paranoid Jails
    19. Vacation In Rutland
    20. Quiz Show
    21. Goodbye From Paranoia
    22. Intermission
    23. Intro Part II
    24. The Over Friendly Isles
    25. Fishing For Compliments
    26. Muff Diving
    27. Civil War
    28. Banana Song
    29. The Randi
    30. Homo Semi-Erectus
    31. Surfing Apes
    32. Randi Statistics
  • Written and directed by Eric Idle, Music and Lyrics Eric Idle and John Du Prez. Produced by Eric Idle and John Du Prez. Release date March 2003.