by Eric Idle
Wednesday, 20 August 2003

Eric Idle just sent this exclusive and very exciting announcement for visitors and fans of PythOnline. Stay tuned to PythOnline and PythOnline's Daily Llama for further announcements about Eric's tour.

Eric Idle's The Greedy Bastard Tour will begin October 1 and will feature new material from his Rutland Isles album

“Hold the back page! Idle to tour again.”

As Howard Rosenberg wrote to me recently "Eric puhleeese retire!"

But no, as long as there is an innocent nickel to be made from the gullible Python-starved public I shall be out there, dressed in silly frocks singing filthy lyrics.

Yes, as Fall weaves it's gay magic it's time for ancient comedians to hit the road again, so watch out Python fans, I'm coming your way once more in search of ancient dollars and buried Trevor [surely some mistake - Ed.] and don't think this time you can hide safely on your campuses because I shall track you down and force you to sing foul and downright nasty songs, as well as attempt to entertain you with comedy both new and old.

So beware, get out your old costumes and pop along to your local theater and see me on

The Greedy Bastard Tour

Coming this Fall everywhere.
October thru December.
Dates and venues to follow.

Official Announcement:

Nudge Nudge. Say No More. Is He a Goer?

In the Spring of 2000 Eric Idle toured North America with Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python, a very silly evening of sketches and songs ripped off or entirely stolen from the sacred canon of the semi-legendary British comedy troupe.

He played 31 gigs to over 50,000 people.

At the end of every show the entire audience rose to its feet. And then left.

Now he's back on the road with The Greedy Bastard Tour.

Described as an evening of songs, skits and skirts, the semi-legendary quasi-entertainer will be on the road from October 1st in Montreal till December 20th in LA.

Accompanying him will be John Du Prez, Nigel Spasm, the Bruces, Sir Dirk McQuickly of The Rutles, Peter Crabbe, Jennifer Julian and some mystery guests.

The show will feature new material from his latest Rutland Isles CD as well as old Python favorites, and there will of course be lots of very rude sing-along opportunities.

Dress strangely.