by Hans ten Cate
Saturday, 6 September 2003

James Bond 007™: Everything or Nothing™ is expected to ship on all three game consoles this November 2003.

On June 27th, video game publisher Electronic Arts announced that their upcoming videogame James Bond 007™: Everything or Nothing™ will feature the voices of Pierce Brosnan, John Cleese, and Dame Judi Dench in their original roles. In addition, an ensemble of celebrities will be creating new roles in a story written by veteran Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein.

Returning along with John Cleese as “Q” are Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, Dame Judi Dench as “M”, and Richard Kiel as legendary henchman Jaws (first seen in The Spy Who Loved Me). In the role of Bond’s new nemesis Nikolai Diavolo is Willem Dafoe, joined by Shannon Elizabeth as new cyber Bond girl Serena St. Germaine and Heidi Klum as the malevolent Katya Nadanova. All cast members will contribute their voices for their roles as well as accurate likenesses provided through EA’s electronic “cyberscanning” process.

“I look forward to returning as James Bond in Everything or Nothing,” Brosnan said. “Playing the role in the interactive realm lets me bring my interpretation of the character to a new generation of Bond fans.”

According to Kim "Howard" Johnson, Cleese has already recorded his part for the game. Look for Everything or Nothing in stores around November 2003.

Other Bonds

Believe it or not, John Cleese has been involved in other James Bond video games. Even before it was known that he would take over the role of Q in Die Another Day, he played gadget master to the virtual Bond 'nearly' three times. Here's a quick recap:

James Bond: Agent Under Fire (13 November 2001)

Early designs in James Bond: Agent Under Fire had a John Cleese likeness for R (early screen shot at left). But the final game did not use any celebrity liknesses at all (final version shown at right).

In James Bond: Agent Under Fire, released by EA two years ago, Cleese was originally to have reprised the role of "R" from The World is Not Enough, appearing unexpectedly in James Bond's shower! In the end, the game producers decided that the game would not feature any celebrity likenesses, thereby not tieing the game to any specific era of the films. For the same reason, Pierce Brosnan did not provide his likeness for Bond.

Although John's voice or likeness did not end up in the video game, he played a major role in the television commercials for Agent Under Fire. He is seen admonishing James Bond for, once again, breaking all of the gadgets given to him by Q division. The commercial began airing the same day as the game's release and was shown on MTV, MTV2, ESPN, ESPN 2, Comedy Central, TNT, and TBS.

007 Racing, by Electronic Arts

007 Racing (20 November 2000)

This game by Electronic Arts for the first PlayStation console features fifteen missions in which the player (Bond) must race some of the classic cars from the James Bond films. Of course, each car comes equiped with Q's high tech gadgets and weapons. Cleese provides the in-game instructions (and criticisms) to the player (“For the sake of the car, 007, return fire!” and “Sometimes I swear you enjoy raising my blood-pressure, 007!”). The game also includes some live-action footage of Cleese in his role as R from the film The World is Not Enough.

The World is Not Enough, by Electronic Arts

The World is Not Enough (16 October 2000)

The World is Not Enough, also by Electronic Arts, is a faithful movie tie-in that follows the plot of the film, with the 10 levels linked by extensive movie footage. Briefings are done by M, R, and Moneypenny, but only Cleese reprises his role as the voice of R from the film. Cleese provides you with over 20 Q-lab gadgets and weapons, doing so with just the right amount of disdain and sarcasm (“do you hear me 007?!”). This game was released for PlayStation and Nintendo 64. A separate Game Boy Color version (not featuring Cleese) was also released.