by Hans ten Cate
Saturday, 6 September 2003


Watch the trailer for Monty Python's The Meaning of Life special-edition DVD

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It's finally here! The two-disc Special Edition DVD of Meaning of Life was released in stores September 2nd and can now be picked up for a reasonable number of shekels.

Assistant-to-John-Cleese Kim 'Howard' Johnson tells us that John has been doing the rounds these past few weeks to help promote the release of the DVD. Watch for print interviews with Cleese in Newsweek, LA Times, LA Daily News, Chicago Tribune, TV Guide, Maxim magazine,,, and an interview he did on August 26 with the Associated Press that should be syndicated nearly everywhere.

The two-disc DVD set includes funny and insightful audio commentaries from the Pythons themselves, behind-the-scenes footage, new sketches, several featurettes and deleted scenes. [see Daily Llama: Long Awaited Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: Special Edition DVD Available Soon]

“They had a very clear vision of what they wanted to see for the special-edition DVD,” said Universal's executive VP of marketing, Ken Graffeo, of the Pythons. “They are still very much in touch with their fans, so they were the ones who could best understand what their fans would want, what would make it funny.” [1]

Whew…what a great set of extras! This is one of the most satisfying discs of the year, whether you’re a big fan of the movie or not. Universal really pulled out all the stops in nearly every department, and should be thanked for a job well done! The last of the three Python films has finally gotten a great DVD, and fans have a lot to be happy about.

Review of Monty Python's The Meaning of Life Special Edition DVD on DVD

“John Goldstone, who produced the original movie, coordinated the whole thing,” John Cleese explained. [1] Creating the bonus content for the two discs took nearly a year and, thanks to John G., there is now loads of extra material to enjoy.

“DVD is lovely for the ability to add so much material,” Eric Idle said. “There is no time constraint when watching, and you also have many different audiences. We've always liked to recycle and re-embellish things. The material changes and does something different each time.” [1]

“As usual, we were scattered all over the globe, so most of the communication was by fax or e-mail,” Cleese explained. “So, for example, Michael sent me a couple of pieces he'd written, which I thought were funny, and I asked Michael if I could rewrite a bit, and he said, 'Fine,' because he was going to the Himalayas the next day.” [1]

Cleese said that revisiting the movie helped shed new perspective on the original sketches. “Surprisingly, it seems a lot more relevant than most of the old rubbish we keep recycling,” he says. “If you watch the old TV shows, there are mentions of Jack Nodell, Reggie Maudling, Dawn Palethorpe, etc ... I haven't seen them in People magazine lately.” [1]