"Local DJ heads for Monty Python tour" (republished with author's permission)
published in The Daily Inter Lake on 21 September 2003
by Heidi Gaiser
Sunday, 28 September 2003

Jennifer Julian will co-star in Eric Idle's Greedy Ba$tard Tour this fall

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Though Jennifer Julian takes her work seriously, her career is centered around one driving philosophy.

"My goal is to have fun no matter what," Julian said. "If it's not fun, I don't want to be part of it."

For the past three months, the 32-year-old Kalispell actress and singer has been "having a blast" as "Jennifer J," one of three voices heard during the rowdy morning shows on local classic rock station KZMN.

But the 1989 Flathead High School graduate didn't hesitate when she was asked by Monty Python's Eric Idle to take one of the leads in his upcoming North American "Greedy Bastard Tour."

The show is billed as an evening of "songs, skits and skirts," featuring Idle, Julian, John Du Prez and Peter Crabbe.

Julian already knows that re-creating Monty Python material is always a good time, for both the actors and the audience. In 2000 she was cast in the revue for "Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python: A Rather Stupid Evening of Skits and Songs," which gave Julian, among other memorable experiences, her first chance to take the stage at Carnegie Hall.

This time, Julian will be out front, performing sketches known and loved by Monty Python fans: "Four Yorkshire Men," the Australian drinking song, the Spam song, "I'm a Lumberjack," and material from Idle's newest CD, "The Rutland Isles."

"I'm thrilled because I'm the lead," Julian said. "I'm getting the opportunity to do some of these sketches that have only been done by men."

Julian received the call from Idle just over a month ago, giving her little time to get in shape "mentally and physically" before the tour opens in Rutland, Vt., on Oct. 2.

"It's a huge amount of work," she said. "There's a thick script I have to memorize, though I'm familiar with most of the songs because I've worked with him so extensively.

"It will be grueling. There's a lot of one-nighters."

Julian has been included in many recent projects with Idle, appearing on Bill Maher's HBO program "Real Time" with Idle in February, doing vocal work for the soundtrack to Idle's spoof on British films, "The Remains of the Piano," and reading for director Mike Nichols for "Spamelot," the first Broadway show based on Monty Python material.

She has stepped outside the Monty Python realm, though.

Nabbing the voice work for a Home Depot national advertising campaign is one of Julian's latest successes. She's also done voiceovers for actress Gwyneth Paltrow in her recent film "A View from the Top," and in director Quentin Tarantino's film "Kill Bill," slated for release Oct. 10.

The tour with Idle, which will be closest to the Flathead Valley with stops in Calgary on Nov. 29 and in Seattle on Dec. 4, wraps up in Los Angeles just before Christmas.

After that Julian hopes to return to the local airwaves.

"I love it so much I hope to come back and continue a career in radio," she said. "The sky's the limit."