press release from Hippofilms
Friday, 6 February 2004

Los Angeles, CA (February 2, 2004) -- Hippofilms, a Los Angeles-based film production company, has announced a worldwide casting call for the roles of the young members of Monty Python, for the upcoming theatrical film, Gin and Tonic, a comic-drama based on the life and times of late Python Graham Chapman.

Visit the Gin and Tonic movie website for more information

The first open audition is scheduled in Hollywood, California, on March 20th, 2004. It will be supervised by Hippofilms president, David Eric Brenner. Subsequent auditions, in New York, London and Tokyo will be announced in the near future.

Hippofilms will work closely with The Literary Executor of Graham Chapman estate, Jim Yoakum, to select six young actors to portray the world-famous comedians (Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin).

Brenner stated, "We wanted to cast as wide a net as possible for the Pythons. Our goal isn't just to find six look-alikes, but to discover six incredibly talented performers who embody that Pythonic brilliance and lunacy."

The auditions will also be an opportunity for Python fans to display their unusual brand of fanaticism. Outside the audition hall, local actors and die-hard fans will perform original comic sketches for their peers on a community stage.

"We want these auditions to be fun, somewhat silly affairs that Graham would be proud of. That's why we're giving away prizes for the most absurd costumes," says Brenner.

Toy Vault, a U.S.-based toy company, will unveil their latest prototypes of Monty Python-related toys -- including a stuffed bunny with huge, pointy teeth -- at the Hollywood audition.

Those seeking further information about the auditions can visit the GIN AND TONIC movie website:

The address for the Hollywood audition is 5540 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California 90028. Reservations: 310-445-9157, ext. 4.

Hippofilm's last movie was the 2002 romantic comedy, Rent Control, written and directed by Brenner, and starring Melissa Joan Hart, Ryan Browning and Carmen Electra. Also in development at Hippofilms is the Olympic-themed motion picture, Pepper in the Blood, which Brenner is co-producing with Brian Dyson, former Vice-Chairman of The Coca-Cola Company.

Prior to founding Hippofilms in 2001, Brenner spent four years in the international distribution department of Alliance Atlantis Entertainment. He was also a playwright in New York City.

For more information or interview requests, please contact: Tex Wall, Director of Creative Affairs, Hippofilms, (310) 445-9157 or