by Hans ten Cate (by way of Eric Idle and the Graham Chapman Archives)
Sunday, 21 March 2004

Eric Idle just recently sent us these alternate lyrics to the Camelot song, taken from an early draft of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. While planning and writing the film's broadway adaptation, appropriately titled SPAMALOT, Eric Idle received the following lyrics from Jim Yoakum and the Graham Chapman Archives. Thanks Jim!

We're Knights of the Round Table,
Of thinking we're capable,
If we get bored with shield and sword
We learn our nine-times table,
It's a cerebral life in Camelot,
We contemplate and plot a lot.

We're Knights of the Round Table,
Although we live a fable,
We're not just bums with Royal Mums
We're men whose brains are able,
We like to je ne sais quoi a lot,
We're a polyglot lot in Camelot.

'Though our loyalty's unstable,
And we fold like a card table,
We're not just boys in tin alloys,
Or a King wrapped up in sable,
We think a lot in Camelot--
(Solo) Therefore, I s'pose, I am a lot.