by Hans ten Cate
Tuesday, 7 December 2004 [updated 15 December 2004]

When Eric said "pre-cast" do you suppose he meant...?

Eric Idle just wrote me today with some very cool news: "I am releasing an Official Bootleg of the music John Du Prez and I recorded over the past three years for Spamalot, including seven tracks that aren't in the show."

The album is called:

Eric Idle sings Spamalot,
The Pre-Cast Album
Official Bootleg

It will most likely be sold in the Foyer in Chicago and also on line at MontyPythonsSpamalot.com, the official website for the SPAMALOT show.

[UPDATE 15 DECEMBER: the pre-cast bootleg album will likely not begin sales before the release of the official cast album, so stay tuned for further announcements on when that will be]

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