by Terry Gilliam
Wednesday, 15 December 2004

News from the Tideland front! Terry Gilliam wrote in yesterday (14 December) to say that they wrapped filming over the weekend...

We finished filming Tideland on Saturday Dec. 12....all except the flying doll's heads which will be done back in London. The last few days were spent shooting SFX....Jeliza Rose falling down the rabbit hole. Jeliza Rose and her long and thin spaghetti arms and legs dangling from a little bed halfway down the even bigger rabbit hole.

Three weeks ago we finished shooting with Jeff Bridges at a rock and roll venue where he and his band blew everyone away. His bass player, Chris, had just survived a brain operation two weeks earlier in which they removed a small tennis ball sized tumour from his skull. For some people there seems to be nothing we can so to keep them from appearing in the film.

The shoot went very smoothly. The crew was delightful, The quality of the acting is phenomenal.

And now we embark on the shortest post production schedule I have ever had to deal with.

Just think, I'll have two films out in one year.

p.s. Hope you have no more dead cats to bury.