by Terry Gilliam
Monday, 17 January 2005

Email from Terry Gilliam for the fans...

At long last, the Tideland website is up and running...well, more like walking...slowly... very slowly.....in fact, almost standing perfectly still.

It 's just a quiet tasteful retreat from all the web noise that surrounds us.

As we get further on with the editing of the film, the website will blossom with more news and details and pictures and short films about crew members and out-takes of the film and humorous stories and all the other incidental crap that people who have nothing better to do with their miserable, empty lives demand of us glamorous dispensers of show-biz tittle-tattle.

But, remember, we are a just a little low-budget film with no cost to others except, possibly, their mental health.


p.s. Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you where to find us. Try www.tidelandthemovie.com