by Hans ten Cate
Sunday, 13 March 2005

The Rose d’Or (Golden Rose) Festival runs 3rd through 8th May in Lucerne, Switzerland

Rose d'Or, the international television festival that is now in its 45th year, announced February 22nd that Monty Python’s Flying Circus was to be inducted into the Rose d’Or Hall of Fame.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus won a Silver Rose at the festival in 1971. The BBC submitted a compilation of sketches and bits of new material from the Pythons for that year's festival in Montreux. The Pythons also received the Honorary Rose d’Or in 1995. The Hall of Fame award, which began last year, recognizes and honors previous year's winners at the Rose d'Or festival.

Terry Jones has thus far confirmed that he will attend the Hall of Fame ceremony. Georges Luks, the organization's CEO, said “I clearly remember Terry Jones on stage receiving the rightly bestowed Honorary Rose d’Or Award for Monty Python in 1995. It’s a real privilege and pleasure to welcome an artist of his stature and talent back to the Festival, as the genius of Monty Python’s Flying Circus is celebrated in the Rose d’Or Hall of Fame.”

Terry Jones accepts the Honorary Golden Rose in 1995.

Terry Jones said “I am delighted that Monty Python’s Flying Circus is to be inducted into the Rose d’Or Hall of Fame. Me and the whole Python team were delighted with our wins at the Festival and it will be a pleasure to revisit the Rose d’Or and relive those memories, as the show and the whole team are honoured and remembered in this new and very special way”. The Rose d’Or Hall of Fame is high in the beautiful Swiss Alps housed in an ice cave carved in the living glacier. The Hall of Fame inductions and celebrations will take place in this magnificent natural setting on 5th May 2005.

Terry Gilliam added, "I can think of no more delightful way of being honoured than by being frozen in a glacier. I'm even more delighted that Terry Jones will be accepting the honour for the group.....alone".

In an official press release, the Rose d'Or organization said: “It is impossible to overestimate Monty Python’s creative influence and the word Pythonesque entered the English language to denote the bizarrely funny and the surreal.”

The Rose d'Or, or Golden Rose, will be held 3 through 8 May in Lucerne, Switzerland.