by Eric Idle
Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Here is an interesting note from Eric Idle I forgot to post back in November. PBS Has begun airing Monty Python's Personal Best. The series will be available on six DVD discs on February 28 (the Eric Idle and Michael Palin discs haves been available since August).

One small item of interest, in order to show my Personal Best in Prime Time on PBS we have been asked to remove Sit On My Face and Tell Me That You Love Me an excerpt from the Hollywood Bowl. This is because of the pressure on PBS from the FCC and their somewhat random fines and involves each station in self censorship to avoid the risk of this.

Readers of PythOnline will know what I feel about the FCC (see the FCC Song). PBS will carry a warning that the show has been altered for Broadcast and that the "Naughty version: is available on DVD." This will not affect the transmission of the show in other countries of the world. Only in the US where free speech is guarranteed to all...

Yrs ironically,