by Terry Gilliam
Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Slava Polunin is a Russian artist/clown/performer whose new show Diabolo opens in Tel Aviv, Israel

Terry Gilliam sent a note to us last week about a new project that will take him to Israel next month.

I've joined the circus. I am co-directing Slava Polunin's new show, Diabolo. Slava is the most famous, most wonderfully profound Russian clown. He is very famous for his current show, Snowshow, which has played all over the world and is still playing in New York.

We are currently rehearsing the new show in his extraordinary house/chateau/fantasyland not far from Paris Disneyland and not far from the location of Sam Lowry's flat in Brazil. In a few days we leave for Israel. Diabolo will play for 2 weeks in Tel Aviv in the Noga Theatre starting from March 2.


There is a good February 23 interview with Terry Gilliam on Haaretz.com where he talks about the show. In the interview, Terry says about Polunin: "He is a brilliant person and creative artist. I saw his performance in London many years ago and was floored. A mutual friend made the connection and then I attended the Twentieth Century's Best Clowns he organized in Moscow for two weeks with clowns from around the world. His work is astonishing. For years he nagged me to work with him and just now it worked out for me to come to Tel Aviv, so I agreed."