by Hans ten Cate (with thanks to Chris Hou of Unilever N.V.)
Sunday, 19 March 2006

Ben & Jerry's partnered with Monty Python licensor Bliss House to bring you Vermonty Python, the world's first Monty Python ice cream!

Ben & Jerry's, the South Burlington, Vermont-based ice cream company has recently released a Monty Python themed ice cream!

The company started selling the officially licensed confection, called Vermonty Python, on February 6, according to company sources. The ice cream is only available in the traditional pint-sized containers, and may likely be found in your local grocery store. The packaging features suitably Pythonesque images, mostly a Holy Grail/Spamalot theme (including the Python Grail) and the following text:

And now for something completely euphoric. We interrupt ourselves with much hooting through tin horns to bring you this brilliant new ice cream made from dried shrubbgery & old ceral packets. Don't be daft - we're just having you on a bit, all right? This is a ripping goodlavor, really, so buy it quickly now & run away, silly person, or we shall taunt you a second time!

The flavor is coffee liqueur ice cream with a chocolate cookie crumb swirl & fudge cows. Think tiramisu with chocolate treats! It's fantastic!

Visit: Ben & Jerry's official website and the Vermonty Python page for more information.