The Frost Report On Britain (1966)

(produced by James Gilbert; writing credits: David Frost and John Cleese, with Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graham Chapman, Barry Cryer, Tony Hendra, Terry Jones, Herbert Kretzner, Peter Lewis and Peter Dobereiner, David Nobbs, Bill Oddie and Ludwig Van Beethoven)

SIDE ONE: Matter of Taste; Schoolmaster; Just Four Just Men; Internal Combustion; Deck of Cards; Top of the Form; Unknown Soldier

SIDE TWO: Scrapbook; Adventure; Numbers; Bulletin; Hilton; Zookeeper

  • LP: (1966) Parlophone PMC 7005 (U.K.)
  • LP: (1966) EMI Records-Starline MRS 5084 (U.K.)

The Frost Report On Everything (1967)

(features David Frost, Ronnie Barker, John Cleese, Ronnie Corbett and Sheila Steafel; writing credits include Frost, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman and John Cleese (misspelled "Clease"))

SIDE ONE: The State of England; Theatre Critic; Frost, What People Really Mean; Three Classes of People; Narcissus Complex

SIDE TWO: Frost on Agriculture, Speech; The Secretary; Frost on Commercials; Selling String; Executive and the Teaman; Three Classes

  • LP: (1967) Janus JLS-3005 (U.K.)

Pussy Cats (1974)

(album recorded by Harry Nilsson with the assistance of Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon. Includes a version of "Black Sails" recorded in 1974. This was supposedly a song Harry Nilsson wrote for the movie "Yellowbeard" but was, unfortunately, never used.)

TRACK LISTING: Many Rivers to Cross; Subterranean Homesick Blues; Don't Forget Me; All My Life; Old Forgotten Soldier; Save the Last Dance for Me; Mucho Mungo/ Mt. Elga; Loop de Loop; Black Sails; Rock Around the Clock

  • CD: (1991) Demon Records/Edsel Records ED CD 337 (U.K.)

A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick) (1976)

(recording of the 1976 Amnesty International Benefit Features John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Carol Cleveland, Neil Innes, Alan Bennett, John Bird, Eleanor Bron, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Peter Cook, John Fortune, Jonathan Miller, Jonathan Lynn, Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie)

SIDE ONE: A Brief Introduction (Cleese); Asp (Cook, Fortune); Happy, Darling? (Bron, Fortune); The Last Supper (Cleese, Lynn); Telegram (Bennett); Funky Gibbon (The Goodies--Brooke-Taylor, Garden, Oddie); Appeal (Bron)

SIDE TWO: Courtroom (Chapman, Cleese, Cleveland, Gilliam, Jones, Palin, with Cook); Portraits from Memory (Miller); You Say Potato (Bird, Fortune); Baby Talk (Bron, Fortune); So That's The Way You Like It -- Beyond the Fringe (Miller, Bennett, Cook with Jones); Lumberjack Song (All)

  • LP: (1976) Transatlantic TRA 331 (U.K.)

The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (1981)

(the 1981 Amnesty International Comedy Gala recorded at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London on September 9 through 12, 1981; featuring: John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Neil Innes, John Bird, Rowan Atkinson, Jasper Carrott, Pamela Stephenson, Victoria Wood, John Fortune, Alan Bennett, Alexei Sayle, Dame Edna Everage, John Wells, Griff Rhys Jones, Chris Langham, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Billy Connolly)

SIDE ONE: A Word of Thanks (Cleese and the cast); Road Safety (Atkinson); Australian Motor Insurance Claims (Carrott); Clothes Off (Cleese, Stephenson, Chapman); Had it Up to Here (Wood), Men's Talk (Fortune, Bennett), What's On In Stoke Newington (Sayle)

SIDE TWO: The Royal Australian Prostate Foundation (Everage); Denis on the Menace (Wells); Beekeeping (Cleese, Atkinson); Song in a French Accent (Innes): Divorce Service (Atkinson, Rhys Jones, Stephenson, Fortune); Reading the Riot Act (Langham); Top of the Form (Cleese, Chapman, Brooke-Taylor, Bird, Rhys Jones, Fortune, Atkinson); Drinking (Connolly)

  • LP: (1981) Springtime (also cited as being published by Island), HAHA 6003 (U.K.)

Comic Relief: Utterly Utterly Live! (1986)

(Stephen Fry, Bob Geldof, and Midge Ure perform "Merchant Banker" originally written by John Cleese and Graham Chapman)

  • LP: (1986) WEA Records / 24 09321 (U.K.)

A Liar's Autobiography (1989)

(Graham Chapman reads from his own autobiography, two cassette tapes, unabridged 182 minutes; Graham shares stories about his years with Monty Python, his days as a doctor, as well as his alcohol dependency)

  • CS: (1989) Dove Books on Tape, Inc., ISBN 1-55800-120-4 (U.S.)

A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick), Vol. II
has also been cited as The Complete A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick) (1991)

(1991 reissue of the original 1976 album, features a full bonus album of material not included on the original album)

  • LP: (1991) A POKE IN THE EYE (WITH A SHARP STICK), VOL. II, Castle Communications ESD 153 (U.K.)
  • CD: (1991) THE COMPLETE A POKE IN THE EYE (WITH A SHARP STICK) Castle Communications ESDCD 153 (U.K.)

The Complete Secret Policeman's Other Ball (1991)

  • CD: (1991) Castle Communications ESDCD 152 (U.K.)

The Secret Policeman's Other Ball: The Music (1992)

(this is the tenth anniversary reissue of the 1982 album; the album includes John Cleese introducing Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton; liner notes includes a history of the Amnesty International galas with pictures of John Cleese and Graham Chapman; music performers on this album include: Sting, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Bob Geldof, Phil Collins, Donovan, and the star-studded Secret Police)

TRACK LISTING: Roxanne/Message in Bottle (Sting); Cuase We've Ended as Lovers / Farther Up the Road / Crossroads (Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton); I Don't Like Mondays (Bob Geldof); In the Air Tonight / The Roof is Leaking (Phil Collins); The Universal Solidier/ Catch the Wind (Donovan); I Shall be Released (The Secret Police)

  • CD: (1992) Rhino / Springtime R2 71048 (U.S.)

Dead Parrot Society: The Best Of British Comedy (1993)

(includes material from "A Poke in the Eye (With a Sharp Stick)," "A Poke in the Eye (With a Sharp Stick), Vol. II," and "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball")

TRACK LISTING: Also Sprach Zarathustra; The Dead Parrot (Monty Python); The Courtroom-Scene I: "The Charges" (Monty Python); Memoirs of a Miner - Part I; Protest Song (Neil Innes); Happy, Darling?; The Courtroom-Scene II: "Counsel for the Defence" (Monty Python); Psychedelic Baby; Crunchy Frog (Monty Python); Memoirs of a Miner-Part II; The Oral Majority!-Part I (Graham Chapman); The William Tell Overture; The Courtroom-Scene III: "Police Constable Pan Am" (Monty Python); The Audition; Top of the Form (John Cleese, Graham Chapman, and company); Transcendental Mastication; The Courtroom-Scene IV: "Counsel for the Prosecution" (Monty Python); Overture/Pinball Wizard (Live!); The Penultimate Supper?! (John Cleese, Jonathan Lynn); Take of Your Clothes!; The Courtroom-Scene V: "Very Expensive Gaiters" (Monty Python); Memoirs of a Miner-Part III; The Oral Majority-Part II (Graham Chapman); Balls!; The Courtroom-Scene VI: "There Goes the Judge" (Monty Python); The Argument Clinic (Monty Python); Classical Massacre!; The Lumberjack Song (Monty Python and cast)

  • CD: (1993) Rhino Records R2 71049 (U.S.)

Passion: Men On Men: Provocative Excerpts On The Passions Of Men (1995)

(a selection of noted personalities from the world of literature, journalism, sports, and comedy, who offer their own vision of man and his passions; includes Graham Chapman reading an excerpt from his book, A Liar's Autobiography)

SIDE 1: Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys (read by John Ritter); The Berlin Stories, by Christopher Isherwood (read by Michael York)

SIDE 2: The Berlin Stories continued (read by Michael York); Two Gallants, by James Joyce (read by Gabriel Byrne)

SIDE 3: A Liar's Autobiography, by Graham Chapman (read by Graham Chapman); Behind the Mask, by Dave Pallone with Alan Steinberg (read by Dave Pallone)

SIDE 4: Behind the Mask continued (read by Dave Pallone); Fax Your Prayers, by Andrei Codrescu (read by Andrei Codrescu)

  • CS: (1995) Dove Audio, 43240, ISBN 0-7871-0088-9 (U.S.)

A Pye In The Face (1996)

(a collection of vintage British comedy sketches from the Pye record label, under which lot of comedy albums were published in the 1960s and 1970s; includes a few sketches from the "At Last The 1948 Show" with Graham Chapman and John Cleese)

TRACK LISTING: Steptoe & Son At the Palace [Parts 1 &2] (Wilfrid Brambell & Harry H. Corbett); Wing Commander Hancock (Tony Hancock & Kenneth Williams); The Olympic Team (Spike Milligan & John Bluthal); The Market Song (Max Miller & Lonnie Donegan); The Ugly Duckling (Mike Reid); Junk Shop (Harry H. Corbett); Baby It's Cold Outside (Joyce Blair & Oliver Reed); You're the One That I Want (Arhtuer Mullard & Hylda Baker); Up Je t'Aime (Frankie Howerd & June Whitfield); You Are Awful - But I Like You (Dick Emery); Transistor Radio (Benny Hill); Happy Tommy (Tommy Cooper); 12 Days of Christmas (Morecambe & Wise); The Ferret Song (John Cleese & 1948 Show Choir); Hands Off, Stop Muckin' About (Kenneth Cope); Harvest of Love (Benny Hill); All Through the Night (Frankie Howerd & June Whitfield); Stayin' Alive (Arthur Mullard & Hylda Baker); Rhubarb Tart Song (John Cleese & 1948 Show Choir); Tit-Bits (Max Miller & Lonnie Donegan); Isle of Clerkenwell (Harry H. Corbett)

  • CD: (1996) Diamond Recordings GEMCD 007 (U.K.)

A Six Pack Of Lies (1997)

(a live recording of Graham Chapman's college campus lectures; recorded in April 1988 by Jim Yoakum, a friend of Graham's and author of The Non-Inflatable Monty Python TV Companion, this lecture is the only one Graham ever authorized to be recorded in its entirety; this album has quite a bit of history, as Virgin Records would never release it; now it is finally available via a new record label on a 76-minute CD; it was released April 1997 in the UK and later that summer in the United States; for more information see Jim Yoakum's Six Pack web page at White Productions)

SIDE ONE: 30 Seconds of Abuse; The Dangerous Sports Club; "Shitties"; The Loon is a (Keith) Moon

SIDE TWO: The German Show; The "Lifes" of Python; Paralyzed at the Polo Lounge; A Brief History of Python; Writing the Sketches; A Horse, A Bucket and a Spoon?; Python's Progress (1988); Spam!!!; "The Magic Christian"; A Liar's Autobiography

  • CS: (1994) Virgin 4PRO 14230 (cassette promo only) (Virgin America Records never released this version, which was called "A Liar Live")
  • CD: (1997) Magnum Music Group, CDVB 001 (UK)


Spot the Loony, Performed by Monty Python's Graham Chapman (2000)

(another live recording of Graham Chapman's college comedy lectures; this one was recorded at the Sayles Hall, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, on 15 April 1988; content is similar but not identical to the Six Pack of Lies album)

  • CS: (200) Right Recordings, RIGHT012, ISBN 1-84226-002-2 (U.K.)
  • CD: (2000) Right Recordings, RIGHT014, ISBN 1-84226-003-0 (U.K.)