Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention: Absolutely Free! (1967)

(according to the September 1995 edition of "Record Collector," Terry Gilliam can be heard as part of the bar-room crowd on "America Drinks (And Goes Home)" on this Frank Zappa album; although it virtually impossible to distinguish anyone else's voice but Frank Zappa's)

  • CD: (1988) Rykodisc, RCD 10502 (U.S.)

A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick) (1976) (see Graham Chapman)

The Buzzards: We Make A Noise (1979)

(an LP single by British rock group The Buzzards; the front cover illustration was done by Terry Gilliam)

SIDE A: We Make a Noise

SIDE B: Disco Romeo

  • SI: (1979) Chrysalis Records Limited, CHS 2360 (U.K.)

Brazil (1985)

(music from the original motion picture soundtrack, supposedly includes the voice of Michael Palin)

TRACK LISTING: Central Services/The Office; Sam Lowry's 1st Dream/"Brazil;" Ducts; Waiting for Daddy/Sam Lowry's Wetter Dream "The Monoliths Erupt;" Truck Drive; The Restaurant (You've Got To Say the Number); Mr. Helpmann; The Elevator; Jill Brazil/Power Station; The Party (Part 1)/Plastic Surgery; Ducting Dream; Brazil-Geoff Muldaur; Days & Nights in Kyoto-The Party (Part 2); The Morning After; Escape?; The Battle; Harry Tuttle ; "A Man Consumed by Paperwork;" Mothers Funeral/Forces of Darkness; Escape! No Escape!; Bachianos Brazil Samba

  • CD: (1993) Milan Entertainment, Inc., 7 3138-35636-2 (U.S.)
  • CD: (1992) Milan Entertainment, Inc., 74321 11124-2 (UK/France/Germany)

The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen (1989)

(with additional lyrics by Eric Idle for "The Torturer's Apprentice," "A Eunuch's Life is Hard," and "Play Up and Win the Game.")

TRACK LISTING: The Town; The Sultan (The Torturer's Apprentice; A Eunuch's Life is Hard; Play Up and Win the Game); The War Begins; Wednesday; The Balloon; On the Moon; Vulcan and Venus; In the Belly of the Whale; The Final Battle; The Baron Dies and Lives Again; Victory

  • CD: (1989) Warner Brothers Records 9 25826-2 (U.S.)
  • CD: (1989) Warner Brothers WEA 925826-1 (U.K.)

A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick), Vol. II (1991) (see Graham Chapman)

The Fisher King (1991)

(original motion picture soundtrack; Harry Nilsson, a long time friend of the Pythons, sings "How About You")

TRACK LISTING: Intro: The Jack Lucas Radio Show; Chill Out Jack; Pet Peeves; I'm Sorry; Sunrise Confession; The Power/Sign Off; I Wish I Knew; How About You; The Grand Central Waltz; The Story of the Fisher King; Jack Meets Perry; Everything's Coming Up Videos ("Some People"/"Rose's Turn"); An Evening Out (Includes "Lydia the Tattooed Lady"); Quest for the Grail; The Red Knight's Suite; How About You (Swing Version)

  • CD: (1991) MCA Records, Inc. MCAD 10249 (U.S.)

Dead Parrot Society: The Best Of British Comedy (1993) (see Graham Chapman)

12 Monkeys (1995)

(soundtrack from the original motion picture, directed by Terry Gilliam)

TRACK LISTING: "Introduccion" from Suite Punta Del Esta (12 Monkeys Theme) ; Cole's First Dream/Volunteer Duty/Topside; Silent Night; Spider Research/"Introduccion" (We Did It)/The Proposition; Time Confusion/To The Mental Ward/Planet Ogo; Wrong Number/Cole's Second Dream/Dormitory Spider/"introduccion" (Twin Moons Tango) ; Vivisection performed by Charles Olins; Sleepwalk performed by BJ Cole; "Introduccion" (Escape to Nowhere)/Scanner Room/Capture and Sedation; Cole's Third Dream; Interrogation/Time Capsule/Cole Kidnaps Railly; Blueberry Hill performed by Fats Domino; What a Wonderful World performed by Louis Armstrong; Cole's Fourth Dream; Comanche performed by Link Wray and the Wraymen; Earth Died Screaming performed by Tom Waits; "Introduccion" (Quest for 12 Monkeys); Fateful Bullet/A Boot from the Trunk/Cole's Longing; Photo Search/Mission Brief; Back in '96; Fugitives/Fateful Love/Home Dentistry; "Introduccion! (12 Monkeys Theme Reprise)/Giraffes and Flamingos; This is my Dream/Cole's Call/Louis & Jose; Peters Does His Worst; Dreamers Awake

  • CD: (1995) MCA Soundtracks MCAD-11392 (U.S.)

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas: Music From The Motion Picture (1998)

(soundtrack from the original motion picture, directed by Terry Gilliam; the soundtrack includes dialogue from the film as well as most of the songs)

TRACK LISTING: Dialogue/Combination of the Two (Big Brother & The Holding Company); Dialogue/One Toke over the Line (Brewer and Shipley); Dialogue/She's a Lady (Tom Jones); Dialogue/For Your Love (The Yardbirds); Dialogue/White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane); Dialogue/A Drug Score Part 1 [Acid Spill] (Tomoyasu Hotei and Ray Cooper); Dialogue/Get Together (The Youngbloods); Dialogue/Mama Told Me Not to Come (Three Dog Night); Dialogue/Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again (Bob Dylan); Dialogue/Time is Tight (Booker T. & the Mgs); Dialogue/Magic Moments (Perry Como); Dialogue/A Drug Score Part 2 [Adrenochrome, the Devil's Dance] (Tomoyasu Hotei and Ray Cooper); Tammy (Debbie Reynolds); Dialogue/A Drug Score Part 3 [Flashbacks] (Tomoyasu Hotei and Ray Cooper); Dialogue/ Expecting to Fly (Buffalo Springfield); Dialogue/Viva Las Vegas (The Dead Kennedys)

  • CD: (1998) Geffen Records GEFD-25218 (U.S.)