The Frost Report On Everything (1967) (see Graham Chapman)

The Rutland Weekend Songbook (1975)

(by Eric Idle and Neil Innes; has also been cited as RUTLAND TIMES since the cover is made to look like a spoof of the magazine "Radio Times")

SIDE ONE: L'Amour Perdue; Gibberish; Wash with Mother-Front Loader; Say Sorry Again; The Rutles in "Rutles for Sale" ("I Must Be in Love"); Twenty-four Hours in Tunbridge Wells; The Fabulous Bingo Brothers; In Concrete-Concrete Jungle Boy; The Children of Rock and Roll; Startime-Stoop Solo; The Song O' the Insurance Men; Closedown

SIDE TWO: Testing; I Give Myself to You; Communist Cooking; Johnny Cash Live at Mrs. Fletchers; The Old Gay Whistle Test; Accountancy Shanty; Football; Boring; Goodafternoon-L'Amour Perdue Cha Cha Cha; Disco-The Hard to Get; Closedown-the Song O' the Continuity Announcers

  • LP: (1975) BBC Records REB 233 (has also been cited as BBC 233) (U.K.)
  • LP: (1976) BBC Records Ltd./ABC Records, Inc./Passport Records PPSD-98018 (U.S.)
  • CS: (19***) BBC Records RMC 4039 (U.K.)
  • CD: (1995) Music Scene, Inc. MSI 10079 (Japan) (Japanese import, features the liner notes and lyrics in Japanese; includes bonus tracks: "I Must Be in Love" (clear mix) and "Protest Song" (mosaicless mix))

Extra Texture (1975)

(George Harrison album, on which Eric Idle supposedly performs a voice, perhaps on "His Name is Legs")

TRACK LISTING: You; The Answer's at the End; This Guitar (Can't Keep from Crying); Ooh Baby (You Know that I Love You); World of Stone; A Bit More of You; Can't Stop Thinking About You; Tired of Midnight Blue; Grey Cloudy Lies; His Name is Legs (Ladies and Gentlemen)

  • CD: (1991) EMI Records Ltd./Capitol Records CDP 7 98080 2 (U.S.)

Thirty-Three & 1/3 (1976)

(George Harrison album, in which Eric Idle performs a Pepperpot voice on "This Song")

TRACK LISTING: Woman Don't You Cry for Me; Dear One; Beautiful Girl; This Song; See Yourself; It's What You Value; True Love; Pure Smokey; Crackerbox Palace; Learning How to Love You

  • CD: (1976) Warner Brothers, 26612-2 (U.S.)

This Song/Learning How To Love You (1976)

(single from George Harrison's album Thirty-Three and a Third, featuring the voice of Eric Idle on "This Song")

  • SI: (1976) Dark Horse, DRC-8294 (***)

The Rutles (1978)

(has also been cited as ALL YOU NEED IS CASH; bi-fold album which includes a large 24 page full color picture book with many photographs from the "All You Need is Cash" film and a lengthy history of the group; also includes lyrics for 10 of the 14 songs featured on the album)

SIDE ONE: (1962-1967) Hold My Hand; Number One; With a Girl Like You; I Must Be in Love; Ouch!; Living in Hope; Love Life; Nevertheless

SIDE TWO: (1967-1970) Good Times Roll; Doubleback Alley; Cheese and Onions; Another Day; Piggy in the Middle; Let's Be Natural

  • LP: (1978) Warner Bros. HS 3151 (U.S.)
  • LP: (1978) Warners K 56459 (U.K.)

The Rutles (1978)

(CD release includes six bonus tracks in addition to the original material from the LP; also includes fold-out "Rutlemania" mini-poster, the reverse side of which features all of the text from the original 24 page picture book; some material and photographs from the original book are not included, however, such as the interview with Paul Simon)

TRACK LISTING: Goose-Step Mama; Number One; Baby Let Me Be; Hold My Hand; Blue Suede Schubert; I Must Be In Love; With A Girl Like You; Between Us; Living In Hope; Ouch!; It's Looking Good; Doubleback Alley; Good Times Roll; Nevertheless; Love Life; Piggy In The Middle; Another Day; Cheese And Onions; Get Up And Go; Let's Be Natural

  • CD: (1990) Rhino Records R2 75760 (U.S.)

Let's Be Natural/Piggy In The Middle (1978)

  • SI: (1978) Warner K 17180 (U.K.)

The Rutles (1978)

(a five song promotional record; a clear yellow EP record with Rutlecorps banana logo printed in the center; used to promote the full Warner Brothers album in the United States)

TRACK LISTING: I Must Be In Love; Doubleback Alley; With A Girl Like You; Another Day; Let's Be Natural

  • LP: (1978) Warner Bros. Pro E723 (U.S.)

I Must Be In Love/Doubleback Alley (1978)

(single from "The Rutles" album)

  • SI: (19***) Warner Bros. WBS 8560 (***)

I Must Be In Love/Cheese And Onions/With A Girl Like You (1978)

(an LP single featuring three songs from the Warner Brothers Rutles soundtrack album; this is not a 12-inch promotional EP, as identified by some sources)

  • SI: (1978) Warner Bros. K 17125 (U.K.)

Ging Gang Goolie / Mr. Sheene (1978)

(Eric Idle and Rikki Fataar of the Rutles)

  • SI: (19***) EMI 2852 (U.K.)

T'anks For The Mammaries (1978)

(this bootleg anthology collection includes "Get Up and Go" by the Rutles)

  • LP: (1978) Kornyfone/bootleg (***)

All You Need Is Cash (1978)

(bootleg album features the entire TV program and some additional material)

  • LP: (1978) Rut 46/Bootleg (***)

Indian Rope Trick (Spiritual Regeneration) or (The Echoes Of A Dream) (1978)

(a Beatles bootleg which includes "Cheese and Onions" from the Rutles and "The Pirate Song" by George Harrison and Eric Idle)

TRACK LISTING: Mein Bonnie; I Love You Too; Its Only Love; Indian Rope Trick; Happy Birthday Mike Love; Not Guilty; Hey Bulldog; Savoy Truffel; Fool on the Hill; I Am the Walrus; Watching Rainbows; Mean Mr. Mustard; All Things Must Pass; Cheese and Onions; Oriental Nightfish; The Pirate Song

  • LP: (1978) Beat 1 (***)
  • LP: (1978) Slipped Disc Editeur, SX-TT 979 (Monaco)

Flash Harry (1980)

(Eric Idle appears on the first track of this album by Monty Python-friend Harry Nilsson; as a thank you for recording/promoting "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life," which is also on this album, Eric wrote and recorded the song "Harry" which Harry promptly added as the first track to his new album; this album was recorded in 1979 at Cherokee Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA but was never released in the United States)

TRACKS: Harry; Cheek to Cheek; Best Move; Old Dirt Road; I Don't Need You; Rain; I've Got It; It's So Easy; How Long Can Disco On; Bright Side of Life

  • LP: (1980) Mercury 6302-022 (U.K.)

Beatlesongs! A Collection Of Beatles Novelties Volume 1 (1982)

(a collection of Beatles novelty songs, including "Hold My Hand" by The Rutles)

SIDE ONE: The Invasion (Buchanan and Greenfield); Hold My Hand (The Rutles); We Love You Beatles (The Carefrees); My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut (Donna Lynn); Letter From Elaina (Casey Kasem); Beatlemania (Jack Nitzsche)

SIDE TWO: Beatle Rap (The Qworymen); L.S. Bumble Bee (Peter Cook and Dudley Moore); I'm the Meany (Wild Man Fischer); Pop Hates the Beatles (Allan Sherman); Letter to the Beatles (The Four Preps); The Beetle (Gary Usher)

  • LP: (1982) Rhino Records Inc. RNLP 803 (U.S.)

Transformers: The Movie (1986)

(original motion picture soundtrack, Eric Idle does not appear on the soundtrack)

TRACK LISTING: The Touch (Stan Bush); Instruments Of Destruction (N.R.G.); Death Of Optimus Prine (Vince DiCola); Dare (Stan Bush); Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way (Spectre General); The Transformers (Lion); Escape (Vince DiCola); Hunger (Spectre General); Autobot/Decepticon Battle (Vince DiCola); Dare To be Stupid ('Weird Al' Yankovich)

  • CD: (1986) Scotti Brothers Records Compact Disc, 72392-75242-2 (U.S.)

The Mikado (1987)

(studio recording of the musical, featuring Eric Idle as Ko-Ko; additional lyrics to "I've Got a Little List" written by Eric Idle)

TRACK LISTING: If You Want To Know Who We Are; A Wand'ring Minstrel I; Our Great Mikado; Young Man, Despair; Behold, The Lord High Executioner; I've Got A Little List; Comes A Train of Little Ladies; Three Little Maids From School Are We; So Please You, Sir, We much Regret; Were You Not To Ko-Ko Plighted; Finale Act I; Braid The Raven Hair; The Sun, Whose Rays Are All Ablaze; Here's A How-De-Do!; A More Humane Mikado; The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring; Alone, And Yet Alive; Tit Willow; There Is Beauty In The Bellow Of The Blast

  • LP: (1987) That's Entertainment Records TER 1121 (U.K.)
  • LP: (19***) Musical Heritage Society MHS 912115 (U.K.)
  • CD: (1986) That's Entertainment Records CDTER 1121 (U.K.)
  • CD: (1987) MCA Classics MCAD-6215 (U.S.)

The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen (1989) (see Terry Gilliam)

Rutles Highway Revisited: A Tribute To The Rutles (1990)

(a tribute to The Rutles; alternative rock groups play songs from the Rutles' "All You Need Is Cash" album; includes booklet with an interview with Ron Nasty of the Rutles)

TRACK LISTING: Cheese and Onions; Hold My Hand; Number One; Good Times Roll; Piggy In The Middle; I Must Be In Love; Nevertheless; Let's Be Natural; Between Us; Ouch!; Blue Suede Schubert; Living In Hope; Baby Let Me Be; It's Looking Good; Goose Step Mama; Get Up And Go; Doubleback Alley; With A Girl Like You; Love Life

  • CD: (1990) SHIMMY DISC, SHIMMY-041 (U.S.)

Traveling Wilburys: Volume 3 (1990)

(liner notes were written by Eric Idle)

TRACK LISTING: She's My Baby; Inside Out; If You Belonged to Me; The Devil's Been Buys; 7 Deadly Sins; Poor House; Where Were You Last Night? Cool Dry Place; new Blue Moon; You took My Breath Away; Wilbury Twist

  • CD: (1990) Wilbury Records/Warner Brothers Records 9 26324-2 (U.S.)

Nuns on the Run (1990)

(original motion picture soundtrack; although Eric Idle's picture appears a number of times on the album, he does not perform on the soundtrack)

TRACK LISTING: The Race (Yello); Hawaiian Chance (Yello); Comin' to You (Hidden Faces); Blow Away (George Harrison); Roll with It (Steve Windwood); Tied Up (Yello); Moon on Ice (Yello); Dr. Van Steiner (Yello); Sacred Heart (Shakespear's Sister); Gold Rush (Yello); On the Run (Yello); Nun's Medley (Hidden Faces)

  • CD: (1990) Phonogram Ltd./Mercury 846 043-2 (U.K.)

An Evening Of Operetta (1991)

(collection of songs from well-known operettas, including Eric Idle singing "A Little List" from "The Mikado")

TRACK LISTING: Drink, Drink, Drink (The Student Prince); Be Mine My Love Be Mine (Countless Maritza); Eurydice is all a Flutter (Orpheus in the Underworld); A Little List (Mikado); I'll See You Again (Bittersweet); Vilja (The Merry Widow); Glitter and Be Gay (Candide); I Love You (Song of Norway); O La La (The Gipsy Princess); A Model Major General (The Pirates of Penzance); The Perfume of Blossoms in May (The Count of Luxembourg); Baubles, Bangles and Beads (Kismet); Gipsy Fiddles Playing (Gipsy Love); Sorry Her Lot (H.M.S. Pinafore); Just as the Sun Awakens (The Merry Widow)

  • CD: (1991) Koch International KOC-CD-322 632 (Austria)

I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again 2 (1992) (see John Cleese)

Mom And Dad Save The World (1992)

(music from the feature film starring Eric Idle as the emperor; music composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith)

TRACK LISTING: Meet Spengo; The Death Ray Laser; Morning Paper/The Abduction; Phot Session; Family Talk; Tod, The Destroyer; The Lub-lubs; True Power; The Needle; Target Practice; Rebel Dance; I Love My Wife; Gathering Forces; Misunderstood; The Flight Home; On the Roof

  • CD: (1997) Varèse Sarabande Records Inc. VSD-5385 (U.S.)

One Foot In The Grave (1994)

(5 inch single; possibly the Christmas record that was out in U.K. in 1994, Eric Idle wrote it years ago for the TV series "One Foot in the Grave")

  • CD: (1994) Total, *** (U.K.)

Casper (1995)

(Music from the motion picture soundtrack; Eric Idle, who plays "Dibs" in the movie, is mentioned in the inside jacket, accompanied by a picture of him with Cathy Moriarty ("Carrigan"); there is also an instrumental segment called "Carrigan & Dibs")

TRACK LISTING: "No Sign of Ghosts;" Carrigan & Dibs; Strangers in the House; First Haunting/The Swordfight; March of the Exorcists; The Lighthouse - Casper & Kat; Casper Makes Breakfast; Fond Memories; 'Dying' to be a Ghost; Casper's Lullaby; Descent to Lazarus; One Last Wish; "Remember Me This Way" (Jordan Hill); "Casper the Friendly Ghost" (Little Richard); The Uncles Swing/End Credits

  • CD: (1995) MCA Soundtracks, MCAD 11240 (U.S.)

One Foot In The Grave (1995)

(special audio recording of four episodes for BBC Radio; includes the episodes "Alive and Buried," "Timeless Time," "In Luton Airport No-one Can Hear You Scream," and "The Beast in the Cage;" each episode includes title track written and sung by Eric Idle; the television episode of "The Beast in the Cage" featured a song sung by Eric Idle but the audio recording has the same song sung by someone else)

  • CS: (1995) BBC Radio Collection ZBBC 1683 (ISBN 0-563-39003-4) (U.K.)

The Quite Remarkable Adventures Of The Owl And The Pussycat (1996)

(Eric Idle reads his first children's book; he also sings songs which he composed specially for his book with composer and friend John DuPrez; based on the poems, drawings, and writings of Edward Lear; story is about an owl and a pussycat who set sail in search of the magical Bong tree)

  • CS: (1996) Dove Audio 43730 (ISBN 0-7871-1006-X) (U.S.)

The Rutles: Archaeology (1996)

(although Eric Idle was, in the end, not involved in the production of this album, as founding member of the Rutles, this album would not have existed without him; he is the first name mentioned in the acknowledgements notes)

TRACK LISTING: Major Happy's Up and Coming Once Upon a Good Time Band; Rendezvous; Questionnaire; We've Arrived (And to Prove it We're Here); Lonely-Phobia; Unfinished Words; Hey Mister!; Easy Listening; Now She's Left You; The Knicker Elastic King; I Love You; Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik; Joe Public; Shangri-La; Don't Know Why; Back in '64

  • CD: (1996) Virgin Records America, Inc., 42200 2 (U.S.)

An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn (1998)

(soundtrack of the film starring Eric Idle in the role of Alan Smithee; this soundtrack was put together on a shoestring budget when the film's overall budget had been exhausted; most of the songs on this soundtrack were donated by relatively unknown bands)

TRACK LISTING: Smell the Roses (Turtle Grove); Synthetic World (Swamp Dogg); With It (Kyle Jason & Hardgroove's Flying Circus); Mr. Socrates (Ashley Arrison); Anastasia Says (Darling Violetta); Holly Should (Steve Nelson); Get Gone (Jeremy Baka); Seamy Side of L.A. (Richard Green & Club Zig Zag); I Wanna be Mike Ovitz (Magic Kingdom); Out For One Thing (Pimpadelic); Money (Tamika McCleulland); [Drinking in a] Striped Shirt (Turtle Grove)

  • CD: (1998) Priority Records, LLC P2 50740 (U.S.)

Quest For Camelot: Music From The Motion Picture (1998)

(soundtrack of the film starring Eric Idle as the voice of Devon; includes the track "If I Didn't Have You" as performed in the film by Eric Idle and Don Rickles)

TRACK LISTING: Looking Through Your Eyes (LeAnn Rimes); I Stand Alone (Steve Perry); The Prayer (Celine Dion); United We Stand (Steve Perry); On My Father's Wings (The Corrs); Looking Through Your Eyes (The Corrs and Bryan White); Ruber (Gary Oldman); I Stand All Alone (Bryan White); If I Didn't Have You (Eric Idle & Don Rickles); Dragon Attack/Forbidden Forest (Patrick Doyle); The Battle (Patrick Doyle); Looking Through Your Eyes [Instrumental] (David Foster); The Prayer (Andrea Bocelli)

  • CD: (1998) Curb/Warner Sunset/Atlantic 83097-2 (ISBN 1-887688-13-7) (U.S.)