Seven-A-Side (1964)

(Oxford University Experimental Theatre Club and Oxford Theatre Group; features Michael Palin and Terry Jones Recorded at Oxford in November 1964, this was apparently a private recording made for cast members, families, and friends, and contains material from the 1964 Oxford cabaret and theater shows "Hang Down Your Head and Die," the Edinburgh Oxford Revue, and "Keep This to Yourself")

SIDE ONE: All That Gas; Grin; Song About a Toad; Birds Are All The Same; Forgive Me; The English Way to Die; Vocal Gems from "The Proctors' Memorandum on the Conduct and Discipline of Junior Members of the University"

SIDE TWO: More on the Moor; The Spanish Main of England; The Hanging Gardens of Babylon; Song of British Nosh; Baby, I'm Addicted to You; I've Invented a Long-Range Telescope; Last One Home's a Custard (or, Six Characters in Search of a Song)

  • LP: (1964) MJB Recording and Transcription Service (U.K.)

The Frost Report On Britain (1966) (see Graham Chapman)

The Frost Report On Everything (1967) (see Graham Chapman)

Diversions (1969)

(Barry Booth sings songs, with Terry Jones)

  • LP: (1969) Pye, NPL 18216 (U.K.)

Funny Game, Football (1972)

(comedy album about the great English pastime; music by Neil Innes; featuring Terry Jones and Michael Palin)

SIDE ONE: Piraeus Football Club!; Crunch!; Rangers Abroad; An Open Letter to George Best; The Missionary; Sir Alf Speaks; World War III; Newsnight with Coleman; Soccer Laureate; Bovver Boys

SIDE TWO: Scilly Season; Government Policies; I Remember It Well; Floor's the Limit; Director's Song; Blackbury Town; A Joke

  • LP: (1972) Charisma Perspective CS4 (U.K.)
  • LP: (1972) Charisma CB 197 (U.K.)

A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick) (1976) (see Graham Chapman)

The Mermaid Frolics (1977) (see John Cleese)

The Secret Policeman's Ball (1979) (see John Cleese)

Fairy Tales (1982)

(a recording of several stories from Terry Jones's children's book, read by Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren, among others)

  • CS: (1982) ***, *** (***)

Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp (1984)

(read by Terry Jones)

  • LP: (1984) LP 214 (AC) (***)

The Voyages Of Sinbad (I to III) (1984)

(read by Terry Jones)

  • LP: (1984) LP 212 (AC) (***)

The Voyages Of Sinbad (IV to VI) (1984)

(read by Terry Jones)

  • LP: (1984) LP 213 (AC) (***)

Labyrinth: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1986)

(soundtrack of the Terry Jones scripted motion picture, featuring David Bowie)

TRACK LISTING: Opening Titles Including Background; Into the Labyrinth; Magic Dance; Sarah; Chilly Down; Hallucination; As the World Falls Down; The Goblin Battle; Within You; Thirteen O'Clock; Home at Last; Underground

  • CD: (1986) EMI-USA CDP 7 46312 2 (U.S.)

A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick), Vol. II (1991) (see Graham Chapman)

Dead Parrot Society: The Best Of British Comedy (1993) (see Graham Chapman)

The Wind In The Willows (1996)

(Terry Jones performs this classic story of Mole, Rat, Toad, and friends, unabridged, on 4 cassettes; this performance is not related to Terry's film "Wind in the Willows," but is a separate audio collaboration)

  • CS: (1996) Dove Audio/Ultimate Classics 81960 (ISBN 0-7871-0420-5) (U.S.)

J.R.R. Tolkien: Sir Gawain And The Green Knight (1997)

(Terry Jones reads JRR Tolkien's translation of this 14th century poem; about the Green Knight who challenges the knights of King Arthur's court to an implausable duel, they may strike him once but on the condition that he return the blow a year hence)

  • CS: (1997) Harper Collins Publishers, Ltd., HCA 500 (ISBN 0-00-105373-6) (U.K.)

J.R.R. Tolkien: Pearl And Sir Orfeo (1997)

(Terry Jones reads JRR Tolkien's translation of two 14th century poems; one poem tells of a man's vision of his deceased daughter, whom he has lost like a pearl that slipped through his fingers, and the other poem is the age-old story of the love of Orpheus for Eurydice)

  • CS: (1997) Harper Collins Publishers, Ltd., HCA 501 (ISBN 0-00-105374-4) (U.K.)

The Two Ronnies (1997) (see John Cleese)

Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic (1997)

(Terry Jones reads his own novel about intergalactic travel and mishap, the saga of 'the ship that cannot possibly go wrong;' based on Douglas Adams's computer game)

  • CS: (1997) Simon and Schuster Audioworks, 57745-X (ISBN 0-671-57745-X) (U.S.)
  • CS: (1998) Simon & Schuster Audio (ISBN 0-671-01105-7) (U.K.)