Seven-A-Side (1964) (see Terry Jones)

The Frost Report On Everything (1967) (see Graham Chapman)

Funny Game, Football (1972) (see Terry Jones)

Re-Cycled Vinyl Blues (1974)

(Michael Palin is featured as a shopkeeper on this single from a Neil Innes album)

  • SI: (1974) United Artists Records, Inc., UP 35676 (U.K.)

A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick) (1976) (see Graham Chapman)

The Secret Policeman's Ball (1979) (see John Cleese)

Brand X: Do They Hurt? (1980)

(liner notes are written by Michael Palin in which he suggests naming the album "Go Boil Your Bottom Son Of A Silly Person" or "Tis But A Scratch" and goes on at length about the group's supposed manager "Lefty" Shawcross)

SIDE ONE: Noddy Goes to Sweden; Voidarama; Act of Will; Fragile

SIDE TWO: Cambodia; Triumphant Limp; D.M.Z

  • LP: (1980) Charisma, CAS 1151 (U.K.)
  • LP: (1980) Passport, PB 9845 (U.S.)
  • CD: (1989) Virgin Records, Ltd. CASCD 1151 (U.S.) (this particular version does include the sleeve notes)

Jack The Giant Killer/Scrapefoot (1984)

(read by Michael Palin)

  • LP: (1984) LP 204 (AC) (***)

Mowgli's Brothers (1984)

(read by Michael Palin)

  • LP: (1984) LP 205 (AC) (***)

How Fear Came (1984)

(read by Michael Palin)

  • LP: (1984) LP 206 (AC) (***)

Brazil (1985) (see Terry Gilliam)

The Traveling Wilburys: Volume One (1988)

(Michael Palin is the author of the liner notes)

TRACK LISTING: Handle With Care; Dirty World; Rattled; Last Night; Not Alone Any More; Congratulations; Heading for the Light; Margarita; Tweeter and the Money Man; End of the Line

  • LP: (1988) Warner Brothers 9 25796-1 (***)
  • CD: (1988) Wilbury Records 9 25796-2 (U.S.)

A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick), Vol. II (1991) (see Graham Chapman)

G.B.H. (1991)

(original music from the Channel Four series starring Michael Palin; music by Elvis Costello and Richard Harvey; Michael Palin is featured on the cover of this album)

TRACK LISTING: G.B.H. Opening Titles: The Life and Times of Michael Murray; "It Wasn't Me;" Men of Alloy; Lambs to the Slaughter; Bubbles; The 'Goldilocks' Theme; Perfume - The Odour of Money; Barbara Douglas: Assassin; Pursuit Suite; Prufrock Quartet: The Roaring Boy; "...So I Used Five!;" Love from a Cold Land; In a Cemetery Garden; "Smack 'Im!;" Woodlands - "Oh Joy!;" "It's Cold up There;" Going Home Service; Grave Music; The Puppet Masters' Work; "He's So Easy;" Another Time, Another Place; Closing Titles

  • CD: (1991) Rykodisc 02842 (U.S.)

Jack And The Beanstalk (1991) (has also been cited as 1993)

(Michael Palin narrates this classic story with music by David Stewart of the Eurythmics, also see video listing below)

  • CS: (1991) Rabbit Ears Books (ISBN 0-88708-189-4) (U.S.) (includes both book and cassette)
  • CD: (1991) Rabbit Ears Productions Inc./BMG KIDZ/Rincon Children's Entertainment RCE 74041 70760-2 (ISBN 1-56668-739-X) (U.S.)

The Man (1992)

(Michael Palin reads this children's book written by Raymond Briggs; the story is of an explosive encounter between a man and a boy; script adapted by Raymond Briggs from the original text)

  • CS: (1992) Random House Tellastory, TS 472 (ISBN 1-85656-260-3) (U.K.)

Dead Parrot Society: The Best Of British Comedy (1993) (see Graham Chapman)

Around The World In 80 Days (1993)

(six cassette, 455 minute audio account of Michael Palin's travels; complete and unabridged; written and read by Michael Palin)

SIDE ONE: Days 1 through 6 (Michael Palin travels by train from London, England to Venice, Athens, Crete, and the Adriatic)

SIDE TWO: Days 7 through 12 (Michael Palin travels from Alexandria to Cairo in Egypt and then crosses through the Suez and the Red Sea to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

SIDE THREE: Days 13 through 20 (Michael Palin travels across Saudi Arabia by car from Jeddah to Riyadh and into Qatar and the United Arab Emirates; he then sets sail on a dhow from Dubhai and onto the Arabian Sea)

SIDE FOUR: Days 21 through 28 (Michael Palin crosses the Arabian Sea to Bombay, India)

SIDE FIVE: Days 29 through 36 (Michael Palin travels by train from Bombay to Madras, India and crosses the Bay of Bengal by boat to the Malacca Strait)

SIDE SIX: Days 37 through 43 (Michael Palin journeys by boat through the Malacca Strait and on to Hong Kong via Singapore)

SIDE SEVEN: Days 44 through 48 (Michael Palin travels from Hong Kong, through Guangzhou, China and on to Shanghai, China)

SIDE EIGHT: Days 49 through 55 (Michael Palin travels by boat from Shanghai, China to Yokohama, Japan; he then journeys to Tokyo and onto the Pacific Ocean)

SIDE NINE: Days 56 through 63 (Michael Palin journeys across the Pacific Ocean, crosses the international date line, finally arrives in Los Angeles)

SIDE TEN: Days 64 through 68 (Michael Palin travels by train from Los Angeles across the United States via Aspen and Denver, Colorado)

SIDE ELEVEN: Days 69 through 72 (Michael Palin travels by train from Denver to New York and begins crossing the Atlantic by boat)

SIDE TWELVE: Days 73 through 79 (Michael Palin crosses the Atlantic and arrives in Le Havre, France from where he crosses the English Channel to Felixstowe and by train back to London)

  • CS: (1993) BBC Audio Collection, ZBBC 6002 (ISBN 0-563-40141-9) (U.K.)

Esio Trot (1994)

(Michael Palin reads this children's book written by Roald Dahl; about a man who falls in love with a widow; he ends up winning her love by teaching her spells that make turtles grow and shrink)

  • CS: (1994) HarperCollins Audio, T01757 (ISBN 0-00-101757-8) (U.K.)

Re-Cycled Vinyl Blues (1994)

(includes "How Sweet to Be an Idiot;" Michael Palin is featured as a shopkeeper on the title track "Re-Cycled Vinyl Blues")

  • CD: (1994) EMI Records, Ltd., 7243-8-30071-2-7 (U.K.)

Heminway's Chair (1995)

(Michael Palin reads from his novel; story is about Martin Sproale, a mild-mannered postmaster's assistant in a small English coastal town who is obsessed with the life or Ernest Hemingway; two cassettes)

  • CS: (1995) Reed Audio, REED 134 (ISBN 1-86021-944-6) (U.K.)

Fierce Creatures (1997) (see John Cleese)

The Two Ronnies (1997) (see John Cleese)

Biggles Flies North (1997)

(Michael Palin reads this tale of ace flyer Biggles and his chums Ginger and Algy who battle the ruthless Brindle McBain and his motley crew of thugs; one of many Biggles stories as written by Captain W.E. Johns; this is an abridged reading which originally aired on BBC Radio 4 between 5 and 14 August 1981)

  • CS: (1997) BBC Worldwide Ltd., ZBBC 1976 (ISBN 0-563-38112-4) (U.K.)

Full Circle: A Pacific Journey With Michael Palin (1997)

(Michael Palin reads from his journal about his longest and most extensive travel documentary yet; Michael's uses his usual style of mixing humor and cultural insights and traces his various stops around the Pacific Rim)

  • CS: (1997) BBC Worldwide Ltd., ZBBC 2016 (ISBN 0-563-38139-6) (U.K.)
  • CS: (1998) Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio (ISBN 0-553-4794-3) (U.S.)

Michael Palin's Travel Companion (2004)

(this fantastic box of 30 audio CDs includes Michael Palin's exciting travels around the globe; contains the complete audio recordings for Around the World in 80 Days, Full Circle, Pole to Pole, Sahara and Himalaya)

  • CD: BBC Audiobooks (2004) (ISBN 0-563-52582-7) (U.K.)