Fun and Games
by Harvey Kurtzman, assisted by Terry Gilliam

(a book of brain-teasers assembled from Havey Kurtzman's "Help!" magazine, of which Terry Gilliam was assistant editor; includes contributions and humorous illustrations by Terry Gilliam)

  • Gold Medal Books, 1965 (U.S) d1506 (no ISBN assigned) (paperback)


The Cocktail People
by Terry Gilliam and Joel Siegel

(a collection of cartoons and observations by a very young Terry Gilliam and future film-critic Joel Siegel; the cartoons are carricatures of the silly and strange people you find at cocktail parties; the back cover features four photo-booth photos of Terry and Joel)

  • Pisani Press, 1966 (U.S.) (no ISBN assigned) (paperback)

Wonder Wart-Hog, Captain Crud & Other Super Stuff
edited by Chuck Alverson, designed by Terry Gilliam

(a collection of cartoons and comics produced by some of the funniest undergraduate minds of the 1960s; among the contributors are a young Joel Siegel and Harry Shearer; the book features a foreword by Harvey Kurtzman, Terry Gilliam's boss on Help! magazine, and the book was designed by Terry)

  • Fawcett Publications Inc., 1967 (U.S.) d1781 (no ISBN assigned) (paperback)

A Century of College Humor: Cartoons, Stories, Poems, Jokes and Assorted Foolishness From Over 95 Campus Magazines
edited by Dan Carlinsky

(a collection of college humor from the 1870s through 1960s, including material from Occidental College's "Fang" magazine which Terry Gilliam edited during his senior year; more importantly, the book includes a two-page cartoon by Terry Gilliam entitled "Quick, Henry, The Flit!!;" a portion of this cartoon also serves as one of the chapter covers)

  • Random House, 1971 (U.S.) ISBN 0-394-46002-2 (hardcover)

Milligan's Ark
edited by Spike Milligan and Jack Hobbs

(edited by comedy legend Spike Milligan; this book was produced to help the Wildlife Youth Service; over ninety British celebrities contributed letters, drawings & poems to the book; foreword by HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; Terry Gilliam contributed a sketch of a man with birdwings called "Fred - a hither to unknown Australian animal")

  • M & J Hobbs, 1971 (U.K.) SBN 85138-917-4 (hardcover)

Sporting Relations
by Roger McGough, with drawings by Terry Gilliam

(a collection of poems by Roger McGough about his family and relatives; includes 18 humorous illustrations by Terry Gilliam)

  • Eyre Methuen, Ltd., 1974 (U.K.) ISBN 0-413-32750-7 (hardcover)
  • Eyre Methuen, Ltd., 1974 (U.K.) ISBN 0-413-32760-4 (paperback)


The Do-It-Yourself Film Animation Book
by Bob Godrey and Anna Jackson, with Contributions by Ron Geesin, Terry Gilliam, Stan Hayward, and Richard Williams

(a guide for doing your own animated cartoons, covering techniques, equipment, storytelling, sound, and visual effects; the book features many Flying Circus images and sketches by Terry Gilliam to demonstrate various concepts and drawing techniques)

  • British Broadcasting Corporation, 1974 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-10829-0 (paperback)

by Ralph Hoover

(adaptation of the script by Charles Alverson and Terry Gilliam; the film itself was directed by Terry Gilliam and starred Michael Palin as "Dennis Cooper" and a brief appearance by Terry Jones as a "Poacher;" based on the Lewis Carroll poem)

  • Pan Books, 1977 (U.K.) ISBN 0-330-25012-4 (paperback)


Animations Of Mortality
by Terry Gilliam, with Lucinda Cowell

(includes Gilliam's strange and colorful animation artwork from Python as well as his pre- and post-Python animation; includes artwork to Gilliam's 1972 commercial for the British Gas Board)

  • Methuen, 1978 (U.K.) ISBN 0-413-39370-4 (hardcover)
  • Methuen, 1978 (U.K.) ISBN 0-413-39380-1 (paperback)
  • Methuen, 1978 (U.S.) ISBN 0-458-93810-6 (paperback)
  • Routledge, Chapman, and Hall, 1979 (U.S.) ISBN ********** (***)

Time Bandits: A Screenplay has also been cited as Time Bandits: The Movie Script
by Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam

(screenplay of the film directed and produced by Terry Gilliam and written by Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin; film included John Cleese as "Robin Hood" and Michael Palin as "Vincent")

  • Hutchinson, 1981 (U.K.) ISBN 0-09-145461-1 (paperback)
  • Dolphin Books/Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1981 (U.S.) ISBN 0-385-17732-1 (paperback) (titled Time Bandits: The Movie Script; U.S. version; illustrated with black and white as well as color photographs from the film, Terry Gilliam's storyboard sketches and comments, and behind-the-scenes photographs of the cast and crew)

Time Bandits
by Charles Alverson

(novelization of the film and screenplay written by Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin; includes a number of black and white photos from the film)

  • Arrow Books, 1981 (U.K.) ISBN 0-09-926020-4 (paperback)


Time Bandits: A Marvel Movie Special

(a one-issue comic book adaptation of the film; the comic book features illustrations of the major scenes and dialogue of the original film; includes amusing caricatures of John Cleese and Michael Palin in their respective roles)

  • Marvel Comics Group, Marvel Movie Special, Vol. 1, No. 1, Adapted by S.J. Parkhouse, Art by David
  • Lloyd and John Stokes, Published by Stan Lee, February 1982

The Battle of Brazil
by Jack Matthews

(story of Terry Gilliam's battle with Sid Sheinberg and Universal Pictures to release the original version of his film Brazil rather than a severely edited version; the book also includes the annotated screenplay by Terry Gilliam, Tom Stoppard, and Charles McKeown; includes photographs and Terry Gilliam's storyboard sketches)

  • Crown Books, 1987 (U.K.) ISBN 0-517-56538-2 (hardcover) (subtitled The Real Story of Terry Gilliam's Victory over Hollywood to Release His Landmark Film)
  • Crown Publishers Inc., 1987 (U.S.) ISBN 0-517-56538-2 (hardcover)
  • Random House, 1987 (U.S.) ISBN 0-517-56538-2 (hardcover)
  • Applause Books, 1998 (U.S.) ISBN 1-55783-347-8 (titled The Battle of Brazil : Terry Gilliam v. Universal Pictures in the Fight to the Final Cut - The Totally Restored, Revamped, and Research Blow-by_blow Recounting of the Most Spectacular Title Bout in the Blood-Soaked History of Hollywood; updated version with revised and rechaptered text, previously unpublished details, as well as a new introduction)

Brazil de Terry Gilliam
by Louis Danvers

(book about Terry Gilliam and his movie Brazil, includes filmography and bibliographical references; text is written in French)

  • Crisnee, Belgique: Editions Yellow Now, 1988 (Belgium) ISBN ********** (***)

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
by Terry Gilliam and Charles McKeown

(novelization of the film co-written and directed by Terry Gilliam; the film also starred Eric Idle as "Berthold," the fastest man that ever lived)

  • Methuen/Mandarin, 1989 (U.K.) ISBN 0-7493-0017-5 (paperback)
  • Applause Theatre Book Publishers, 1989 (U.S.) ISBN 1-55783-039-8 (paperback)

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: The Screenplay
by Terry Gilliam and Charles McKeown

(the complete screenplay of the Terry Gilliam film, with photos and unused portions of the screenplay included)

  • Methuen, 19*** (U.K.) ISBN ********** (***)
  • Applause Theatre Book Publishers, 1989 (U.S.) ISBN 1-55783-041-X (paperback)

Terry Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

(beautifully illustrated four part comic book series depicting every scene of the film.)

  • Now Comics/Captuo Publishing Inc., 1989 (U.S.) Vol 1, No. 1, July 1989, Adapted by Matthew Costello, Edited by Katherine Llewellyn (comic)
  • Now Comics/Captuo Publishing Inc., 1989 (U.S.) Vol 1, No. 2, August 1989, Adapted by Matthew Costello, Edited by Katherine Llewellyn (comic)
  • Now Comics/Captuo Publishing Inc., 1989 (U.S.) Vol 1, No. 3, September 1989, Adapted by Matthew Costello, Edited by Katherine Llewellyn (comic)
  • Now Comics/Captuo Publishing Inc., 1989 (U.S.) Vol 1, No. 4, October 1989, Adapted by Matthew Costello, Edited by Katherine Llewellyn (comic)

Cinefex: The Adventures of Terry Gilliam
by Paul M. Sammon and Don Shay

(actually a quarterly periodical on the film industry but reads more like a short book about Terry Gilliam; a 68-page detailed behind-the-scenes look at Terry's films, including Time Bandits, Brazil, and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen)

  • Cinefex, May 1989 (U.S.) Issue Number 28 (paperback)

by Dave McKean

(a comic novel told through various different graphical art styles; originally serialized between 1990 and 1996 (and collected in 1998), the series tells the story of a painter, a writer and a musician who live in the same apartment building find their lives intersecting; the book's gradual shift from literalism to fanciful allegories and stories-within-stories mostly serves as the springboard for a visual tour de force; endorsed by Terry Gilliam on the cover who writes "Mesmerizing")

  • Kitchen Sink Press, 1998 (U.S.) ISBN 0-87816-600-9 (hardcover)

Losing the Light: Terry Gilliam and the Munchausen Saga
has also been cited as Unmaking of Baron Munchausen : The Madness, The Money, The Movie
by Andrew Yule

(the story of Terry Gilliam's fight to film and release "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen," told by all of the participants)

  • Applause Books, 1991 (U.S.) ISBN 1-55783-060-6 (hardcover)
  • Applause Books, 1991 (U.S.) ISBN 1-55783-346-X (although the title page has the hardcover ISBN) (paperback)

The Fisher King: The Book of the Film
by Richard LaGravenese

(complete screenplay of the film directed by Terry Gilliam; includes the scripts to a few deleted scenes; also includes an introduction written by Terry Gilliam and the text to a series of interviews with Terry Gilliam by David Morgan)

  • Applause Theatre Books, 1991 (U.S.) ISBN 1-8362-4213-0 (***)
  • Applause Books, 1991 (U.S.) ISBN 1-55783-098-3 (paperback)

The Fisher King
by Leonore Fleischer

(novelization of the Richard LaGravenese screenplay; film was directed by Terry Gilliam)

  • Signet/Penguin Books (AE 7222), 1991 (U.S.) ISBN 0-451-17222-1 (paperback)
  • Penguin, 1991 (U.K.) ISBN 0-14-015623-2 (paperback)


The Golden Age of Children's Television
by Geoff Tibballs

(includes information on "Do Not Adjust Your Set" which featured Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin; mentions John Cleese's appearance on the "Dr. Who" episode "City of Death")

  • Titan Books, Ltd. 1991 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85286-407-9 (paperback)


The Golden Age of Children's Television Quiz Book
by Geoff Tiballs

(includes information on "Do Not Adjust Your Set" which featured Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin)

  • Titan Books, 1992 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85286-450-8 (***)

Le Petit Livre de Terry Gilliam
by Jean-Marc Bouineau

(part of a French series on well-known individuals in cinema; this one on Terry Gilliam is amazingly thorough and well researched; covering Gilliam's cinematic works through The Fisher King in 1991; lots of behind-the-scenes photographs; published entirely in French)

  • Spartorange, 1992 (France) ISBN 2-9506112-1-4 (paperback)
  • Spartorange, 1996 (France) ISBN 2-9506112-6-5 (paperback) (updated version, includes additional information on Terry's career and has a chapter dedicated to 12 Monkeys

Gloom, Doom, And Very Funny Money: Economics for Half-Wits
by Neil Innes

(humorous look at finance and economics; it is has been said that the book is illustrated by Terry Gilliam which may be the hardcover edition since the paperback version is illustrated by Richard Robinson)

  • Picadilly Press, 1992 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85340-134-X (hardcover)
  • Picadilly Press, 1992 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85340-139-0 (paperback)

The Last Machine: Early Cinema and the Birth of the Modern World
by Ian Christie

(Based on the BBC television series presented by Terry Gilliam in 1995; a look at cinema at the turn of the century and how the hopes and fears of that era were reflected on the screen; with a foreword by Terry Gilliam)

  • British Film Institute, 1994 (U.K.) ISBN 1-86000-094-0 (paperback)

12 Monkeys
by Elizabeth Hand

(novelization of the Terry Gilliam film and the motion picture screenplay by David and Janet Peoples; story of a prisoner from a doomed future who is sent to the present to uncover the cause of an apocalyptic virus)

  • Harper Collins Publishers, 1995 (U.S.) ISBN 0-06-105658-8 (paperback)
  • Boxtree, 1996 (U.K.) ISBN 0-7522-0211-1 (paperback)

River of Mirrors: The Fantastic Art of Judson Huss
by Judson Huss

(a collection of beautiful fantasy and science fiction paintings by artist Judson Huss; includes a foreword by and photograph of Terry Gilliam; Gilliam contrasts Judson's art with the world wide web of fraudulent and meaningless images of today's contemporary society)

  • Morpheus International, 1996 (U.S.) ISBN 1-883398-17-7 (paperback)

Brad Pitt
by Matt Zoller Seitz

(biography of Brad Pitt, who starred in Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys; includes a chapter on the film 12 Monkeys with a full photo page dedicated to Terry Gilliam)

  • House of Collectibles/Random House, Inc., 1996 (U.S.) ISBN 0-676-60074-3 (paperback)


Inside Stories: Diaries of British Film-Makers at Work
edited by Duncan Petrie

(includes a diary by Mick Audsley, when editing Twelve Monkeys; essentially a day-by-day account before, during, and after filming Twelve Monkeys with Terry Gilliam)

  • British Film Institute, 1996 (U.K.) ISBN 0-85170-584-7 (hardcover)
  • British Film Institute, 1996 (U.K.) ISBN 0-85170-583-9 (paperback)

The Use of Arthurian Legend in Hollywood Film: From Connecticut Yankees to Fisher Kings (1996) (see Books About Monty Python)

Peter Cook: A Biography (1997) (see Other Books)

Not the Screenplay to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
by Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni

(the screenplay to the film by Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni, based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson; written in under two weeks after the original script was rejected by Gilliam; the title is intended to make sport of how the Writer's Guild of America insisted that the credits list Alex Cox and Tod Davies as the scriptwriters; this script includes a large number of sketches and the complete storyboards by Terry Gilliam)

  • Applause Books, 1997 (U.S.) ISBN 1-55783-348-6 (paperback)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Other American Stories
by Hunter S. Thompson

(the original novel as well as three additional stories by the famous Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson ; Fear and Loathing tells of his drug-filled trip to Las Vegas with his attorney in the 1960s; first published in Rolling Stone magazine as a series of articles in 1971, this story was eventually picked up by Terry Gilliam and made into a film in 1997)

  • The Modern Library/Random House, 1998 (U.S.) ISBN 0-679-60298-4 (hardcover) (this book has been available from many different publishers since 1971; this edition appears to be the official movie tie-in edition)

Terry Gilliam: El Soñador Rebelde (Terry Gilliam: The Rebel Dreamer)
by Jordi Costa and Sergi Sánchez

(the official guide to the 1998 San Sebastian Film Festival Gilliam retrospective; this is an excellent biography of Gilliam, with the full text offered in both Spanish and English)

  • Euskadiko Filmategia Filmoteca Vasca, 1998 (Spain) ISBN 84-88452-13-6 (paperback)

The Life and Times of R. Crumb: Comments From Contemporaries
edited by Monte Beauchamp

(a collection of memoirs and tributes attesting the importance and influence of underground comics artist Robert Crumb; includes a section contributed by Terry Gilliam on the pre-Monty Python days with Crumb and Mad magazine creator Harvey Kurtzman when they worked on Help! magazine together)

  • St. Martin's Press, 1998 (U.S.) ISBN 0-312-19571-0 (paperback)

Writers on Directors
compiled and photographed by Susan Gray

(a collection of essays on Hollywood's greatest directors; includes a piece written by Jack Womack about Terry Gilliam; also includes several comic photographs of Gilliam; Womack writes: "Gilliam has through the years developed his own view of existence so clearly, and so deftly, that to a degree greater than any other director he is now able to create any kind of world, historical or imaginary, and make it absolutely believable and understandable to the audience")

  • Watson-Guptill Publications, 1999 (U.S.) ISBN 0-8230-5971-5 (hardcover)

How I Overcame Shyness: 100 Celebrities Share Their Secrets
compiled and edited by Gary Simon

(a collection of wisdom on confronting social situations with confidence and grace; over 100 celebrities share their stories and motivational quotes; includes one by Terry Gilliam)

  • Simon & Schuster, 1999 (U.S.) ISBN 0-684-84193-2 (paperback)

Gilliam on Gilliam
edited by Ian Christie

(a new volume in the Faber and Faber series called "Directors on Directors;" this book edits into a single volume several interviews conducted with Terry Gilliam in 1996 and 1998 and covers Gilliam's entire life and professional career through Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)

  • Faber and Faber, 1999 (U.K.) ISBN 0-571-19190-8 (hardcover)
  • Faber & Faber, 2000 (U.K.) ISBN 0-571-20280-2 (paperback)

Dark Knights and Holy Fools: The Art and Films of Terry Gilliam
by Bob McCabe

(extensive book on Terry Gilliam's career; covers Terry's career through Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; richly illustrated with tons of Gilliam artwork, production sketches, and behind-the-scenes photos; includes a foreword by Terry)

  • Orion, 1999 (U.K.) ISBN 0752818279 (hardcover)
  • Orion, 1999 (U.K.) ISBN 0752818511 (paperback)
  • Universe Publishing, 1999 (U.K.) ISBN 0-7893-0290-X (hardcover)
  • Universe Publishing, 1999 (U.K.) ISBN 0-7893-0265-9 (paperback)
  • Essential Books, 1999 (U.K.) ISBN ********** (***)

Modern Classics: Brazil

(small paperback dissecting Brazil, forming part of BFI Publishing's Modern Classics series)

  • BFI Publishing, 1999 (U.K.) ISBN ********** (paperback)

The Pocket Essential Terry Gilliam
by John Ashbrook

(a small-format biography of Terry Gilliam billed as "almost everything you need to know in one essential guide," including an overview of each of Terry's films, through Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; on the back cover Gilliam writes: "Except for your insinstence on my overwhelming Oedpial complex - which I still deny despite my wife looking like my mother - I think it's a great and smart read. I learned an awful lot about my films")

  • Pocket Essentials, 2000 (U.K.) ISBN 1-903047-14-5 (paperback)

Magic Movie Moments
by Bob Adelman and Michael Rand, commentary by George Perry

(a book that chronicles some of cinema's greates scenes and characters; featuring memorable stills from the films and lots of film trivia throughout; Terry Gilliam wrote the introduction; Terry captures one of his greatest complaints about Hollywood: "Most modern filmmakers have been raised in film schools where they endlessly go over the films of the past. Their minds are filled with so much that their works turn out to be an assembly of all their favorite moments. Their difficulty is that they want to be original but know too much")

  • Penguin Books Ltd., 2000 (U.K.) ISBN 0-670-88932-6 (hardcover)

SITGES 2000 - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya

(a 250-page program from the SITGES 2000 international film festival in Catalonia, Spain; that year the festival honored Terry Gilliam with the Time Machine Award (La Màquina del Temps) for achievement in the fantasy genre of film; includes a brief section on Terry Gilliam and his film Brazil; Terry attended the festival at the end of the second week of the Quixote shoot and answered questions)

  • Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya, 2000 (Spain) ISBN n/a (paperback)

Brazil: The Evolution of the 54th Best British Film Ever Made
by Terry Gilliam and Charles Alverson, edited by Bob McCabe

(this is the never before published first – and very different – screenplay of Terry Gilliam's Brazil, with Gilliam's notes and sketches; in addition to the full, restored, previously unseen screenplay, the book includes an extensive foreword chronicling the beginnings of the project, featuring extracts and sketches from Gilliam's notebooks and includes new in-depth interviews with both Terry Gilliam and Charles Alverson talking for the first time about his contribution to the movie)

  • Orion, 2001 (U.K.) ISBN 0752837923 (paperback)

Terry Gilliam Interviews
edited by David Sterritt and Lucille Rhodes

(a book in the conversations with filmmakers series; this is a collection of 18 interviews with Terry Gilliam, from 1981 through 2002; interviewers include well-known Gilliam/Python biographers David Morgan and Bob McCabe, as well as Phil Stubbs, the webmaster of the Terry Gilliam Dreams website)

  • University Press of Mississippim 2004 (U.S.) ISBN 1-57806-623-9 (hardcover)
  • University Press of Mississippim 2004 (U.S.) ISBN 1-57806-624-7 (paperback)

Dreams and Nightmares: Terry Gilliam, 'The Brothers Grimm' and Other Cautionary Tales of Hollywood
by Bob McCabe & Terry Gilliam

(a behind-the-scenes chronicle of the creation of the Terry Gilliam's The Brothers Grimm, charting all the highs and lows in the film's journey from script to screen; told by both Gilliam and McCabe, who provides an on-set diary, this unique account reveals exactly how a film is made -- or ruined -- in today's Hollywood system)

  • HarperCollins Entertainment, 2005 (U.K.) ISBN 0007175566 (hardcover)