Bert Fegg's Nasty Book for Boys And Girls (1974) (see Terry Jones)

Dr. Fegg's Nasty Book of Knowledge (1976) (see Terry Jones)

The Rutland Dirty Weekend Book (1976) (see Eric Idle)

The Two Ronnies Sketchbook (1978) (see Terry Jones)

Ripping Yarns (1978) (see Terry Jones)

More Ripping Yarns (1979) (see Terry Jones)

The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (1981) (see Graham Chapman)

Great Railway Journeys of the World
by Michael Frayn, Ludovic Kennedy, Miles Kington, Michael Palin, Eric Robson, Brian Thompson, and Michael Wood, produced by Roger Laughton

(based on the BBC-2 series, with one chapter written by Michael Palin, "Confessions of a Train-Spotter," describing Michael's obsession with trains and his train trip from London to Kyle of Lochalsh)

  • BBC Publications, 1981, 1982, 1985 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-17903-1 (hardcover)
  • E.P. Dutton, Inc., 1981 (U.S.) ISBN 0-525-24152-3 (hardcover)

Time Bandits: A Screenplay (1981) (see Terry Gilliam)

Time Bandits: The Movie Script (1981) (see Terry Gilliam)

Time Bandits (novelization) (1981) (see Terry Gilliam)

Time Bandits (comic book) (1982) (see Terry Gilliam)

Frank Muir Presents The Book Of Comedy Sketches (1982) (see John Cleese)

Small Harry and the Toothache Pills
by Michael Palin, illustrations by Caroline Holden

(children's book by Michael Palin about a boy, Small Harry, who goes in search of an inheritance left by his friend, Big Alf)

  • Methuen Children's Books, Ltd., 1982 (U.K.) ISBN 0-416-27160-5 (hardcover)
  • Methuen Children's Books, Ltd., 1982 (U.K.) ISBN 0-416-23690-1 (paperback)

The Missionary
by Michael Palin

(the screenplay of the film illustrated with numerous photos from the movie; also includes an original prologue and "After the Story" follow-ups on the principal characters written by Michael Palin; the film was conceived, written by, and starred Michael Palin as the missionary "Reverend Charles Fortescue" who returns from Africa in 1906 and is assigned to a mission for prostitutes in London's East End)

  • Methuen, 1983 (U.K.) ISBN 0-413-51010-7 (hardcover)
  • Methuen, 1982 (U.K.) ISBN 0-413-51390-4 (also listed as 0-413-50680-0) (paperback)

A Private Function
by Alan Bennet

(screenplay of the film starring Michael Palin as "Gilbert Chilvers," a chiropodist (someone who treats human feet for health and disease), who steals a pig during the 1947 rationing in England)

  • Faber and Faber, 1984 (U.K.) ISBN 0-571-13571-4 (paperback)


Dr. Fegg's Encyclopedia of All World Knowledge (1985) (see Terry Jones)

Fish Tales
by Al Levinson

  • Signford (Michael Palin's publishing company), 1985 (U.K.) ISBN ********** (***)

has also been cited as The Limerick Book
by Michael Palin, illustrations by Tony Ross

(a collection of original limericks written for children by Michael Palin; includes a foreword signed by A.J. Gumby; illustrated by Tony Ross)

  • Hutchinson, 1985 (U.K.) ISBN 0-09-161540-2 (***)
  • Hutchinson Publishing (has also been cited as Century Hutchinson), 1985 (has also been cited as 1986) (U.K.) ISBN 0-099-47680-0 (paperback)
  • Beaver Books, 1986 (U.K.) ISBN 0-09-947680-0 (***)
  • Red Fox Books, 1992 (U.K.) ISBN 0-09-947680-0 (paperback)

The Utterly, Utterly Merry Comic Relief Christmas Book (1986) (see Graham Chapman)

Cyril and the House of Commons
by Michael Palin

(children's book written by Michael Palin; the story is about Cyril who has the power to turn people into other things just by looking at them and who disrupts the House of Commons by turning its members into other objects)

  • Pavilion Books Limited/Michael Joseph, 1986 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85145-078-5 (hardcover)

Cyril and the Dinner Party
by Michael Palin

(children's book written by Michael Palin; a second story about Cyril, who livens up a dinner party by turning the guests and his family into other objects and animals)

  • Pavilion Books Limited/Michael Joseph, 1986 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85145-069-6 (hardcover)

The Mirrorstone
by Michael Palin, Alan Lee, and Richard Seymour

(story by Michael Palin, with illustrations by Alan Lee, and conceived/designed by Richard Seymour; story of a young boy named Paul who goes on a magical quest for the Mirrorstone, the most perfect mirror in the world; the book is illustrated with a number of holograms)

  • Jonathan Cape Books, 1986 (U.K.) ISBN 0-224-02408-6 (hardcover)
  • Alfred A. Knopf, 1986 (U.S.) ISBN 0-224-02408-6 (paperback)
  • Alfred A. Knopf, 1986 (U.S.) ISBN 0-394-88353-5 (hardcover)

Neighborhood Tales
by Norman Rosten

(a collection of stories by poet laureate Norman Rosten who portrays his life-long neighborhood, Brooklyn, New York; one of the chapters describes the author's day spent with Michael Palin crossing the Brooklyn Bridge)

  • George Braziller, Inc., 1986 (U.S.) ISBN 0-8076-1152-2 (hardcover)


Happy Holidays: The Golden Age of Railway Posters
by Michael Palin

(illustrated collection of railway posters from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s of England's most popular holiday resorts and towns; with introductory text written by train-buff Michael Palin)

  • Pavilion Books, 1987 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85145-192-7 (hardcover)
  • Pavilion Books/Michael Joseph, 1987 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85145-130-7 (paperback)

The Battle Of Brazil (1987) (see Terry Gilliam)

Brazil de Terry Gilliam (1988) (see Terry Gilliam)

Knitting Wildlife
by Ruth Herring & Karen Manners

(a book of knitting techniques and patterns to create 19 different wildlife-themed garments; royalties from the book went to the World Wide Fund for Nature, aka World Wildlife Fund; a number of celebrities agreed to pose while wearing the clothing for photographs in the book; Michael Palin is featured wearing an "Orcas" sweater, bearing the words "Extinction is Forever" on the back)

  • Pavilion Books Ltd., 1989 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85145-234-6

Around the World in 80 Days
by Michael Palin

(Michael Palin's own detailed journal kept during his around-the-world trip with a BBC film crew; illustrated with many photographs taken during the journey; includes details not covered in the televised series)

  • BBC Books, 1989 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-20826-0 (hardcover)
  • BBC Books, 1989, 1991 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-36213-8 (paperback)
  • BBC Books/Park West Publications, 1989 (U.S.) ISBN 0-563-20826-0 (hardcover)
  • Charwood (has also been cited as Charnwood), 1991 (U.S.) ISBN 0-708-98573-4 (large print)
  • Ulverscroft Large Print Books, 1991 (U.K.) ISBN 0-708-98573-4 (large print)
  • BBC Books, 1992 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-36712-1 (paperback)
  • KQED Books, 1995 (U.S.) ISBN 0-912333-39-1 (paperback) (with new introduction by Michael Palin written November 1994)
  • BBC Books, 1999 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-38495-6 (paperback)
  • BBC Books, 2004 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-52199-6 (paperback)

Viz: The Spunky Parts of Issues 32 to 37
edited by Chris Donald

(collection of cartoons and other material from British adult humour magazine Viz; includes a foreword by Michael Palin, dated 21 August 1989; Michael accuses The Telegraph Weekend Magazine, Woman's Own, and the Financial Teams of being copy-cat publications based on the humor magazine Viz)

  • John Brown Publishing, 1990 (U.K.) ISBN 1-870-870-15-8 (hardcover)

Vic Reeves' Big Night In
by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer

(a collection of original comedy by British comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer; with an introduction by Michael Palin who urges people interested in international politics to buy this book and swap it for another one)

  • Fantail Books/Penguin, 1991 (U.K.) ISBN 0-14-090344-5 (paperback)


Pole to Pole
by Michael Palin

(day-to-day diary of Michael Palin kept during the second travel series for BBC television; this time Michael Palin and Passepartout journey along the 30 degree east line of longitude, traveling through 17 countries; illustrated with many photographs taken during the journey)

  • BBC Books, 1992 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-36283-9 (hardcover)
  • BBC Books, 1995 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-37065-3 (***)

Pole to Pole: The Photographs
by Basil Pao, text by Michael Palin

(a beautiful collection of photographs taken during the "Pole to Pole" travel series, with text by Michael Palin)

  • BBC Books, 1994 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-37018-1 (hardcover)


The Weekend
by Michael Palin

(Michael Palin's first stage play; it is about an elderly gentleman, Stephen Febble, who must endure a weekend with his daughter, her dreary husband, and their precocious child; the play ran in London's West End at the Strand Theatre in spring 1994 and starred Richard Wilson)

  • Methuen Drama, 1994 (U.K.) ISBN 0-413-68940-9 (paperback)

Saturday Night Live: The First Twenty Years (1994) (see Eric Idle)

Great Railway Journeys
by Clive Anderson, Natalia Makarova, Rian Malan, Michael Palin, Lisa St. Aubin de Teran, and Mark Tully

(accompanies the BBC television series, with one chapter written by Michael Palin, "From Derry to Kerry," pp. 165-200; includes color photographs of Michael Palin and of his train journey; Michael Palin's episode "From Derry to Kerry" aired in 1994 on BBC Television)

  • BBC Books, 1994 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-36944-2 (hardcover)

Cairo, Chronicles Abroad
edited by John and Kirsten Miller

(a collection of stories, essays, and letters depicting the many facets of Cairo, Egypt; features contributions by famous authors such as Rudyard Kipling, William Burroughs, and William Thackeray; also includes a portion from Michael Palin's book Around the World in 80 Days on the days he visited Cairo)

  • Chronicle Books, 1994 (U.S.) ISBN 0-8118-0492-5

Hemingway's Chair
by Michael Palin

(Michael Palin's first novel; story about a mild-mannered assistant postmaster named Martin Sproale who lives in an English coastal town and who is obsessed with the life, work, and personality of Ernest Hemingway. But when an ambitious young outsider, Nick Marshall, is appointed postmaster over Martin's head and starts to transform the friendly, old-fashioned local post office for privatisation, Martin is faced with a choice - to be his usual agreeable self and go along with the drastic changes, or to be like his hero and fight for what he believes in)

  • Methuen London, Ltd., 1995 (U.K.) ISBN 0-413-68930-1 (hardcover)
  • Methuen Publishing Ltd, 1995 (U.K.) ISBN 0-413-70130-1 (paperback)
  • Mandarin, 1996 (***) ISBN 0749319305 (paperback)
  • Arrow, 1996 (U.K.) ISBN 0099427923 (paperback)
  • Zero to Ten, 1996 (***) ISBN 0745137369 (paperback, large print)
  • St. Martins Press, 1998 (U.S.) ISBN 0312185936 (hardcover)
  • St. Martin's Press, 1999 (***) ISBN 0312205503 (paperback)

A Little Light Worrying: The Best of Mel Calman
by Mel Calman, with a preface by Michael Palin

(Michael writes the introduction to this collection of cartoons by Mel Calman, a "pocket cartoonist" who contributed many cartoons to the Daily Express, the Sunday Telegraph, the Observer, the Sunday Times and The Times; Michael and Mel met on the show Now! a pop music show that Michael hosted in the mid 1960s)

  • Methuen Publishing Ltd., 1996 (U.K.) ISBN 0413693104 (paperback)
  • Methuen Publishing Ltd., 1997 (U.K.) ISBN 0-413-71440-3 (paperback)

The Wind in the Willows: The Complete Illustrated Screenplay (1996) (see Terry Jones)

Something Like Fire: Peter Cook Remembered (1996) (see John Cleese)

Fierce Creatures (1997) (see John Cleese)

Full Circle
has also been cited as
Full Circle: A Pacific Journey with Michael Palin
by Michael Palin

(Michael Palin's account of his travels around the Pacific Rim, filmed over nearly a year from August 1995 to August 1996; the series aired on television in the fall of 1997; originally titled "Palin's Pacific")

  • BBC Books, 1997 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-37121-8 (hardcover)
  • St. Martin's Press, 1997 (U.S.) ISBN 0-312-16960-4 (hardcover)
  • BBC Books, 1999 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-55107-0 (paperback)
  • St. Martin's Press, 2000 (U.S.) ISBN 0-312-19455-2 (paperback)
  • BBC Books, 2004 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-52197-X (paperback)



Full Circle: The Photographs
has also been cited as
Full Circle: A Pacific Journey with Michael Palin: The Photographs
by Basil Pao, introduction by Michael Palin

(more photographs from Michael Palin's travels around the Pacific Rim; the series aired on television in the fall of 1997; originally titled "Palin's Pacific: The Photographs")

  • BBC Books, 1997 (U.K.) ISBN 0-563-37168-4 (hardcover)

Peter Cook: A Biography (1997) (see Other Books)

Michael Palin: A Biography
by Jonathan Margolis

(superb biography of Michael Palin by the author of "Cleese Encounters;" based on thorough interviews with and research on Michael, the book describes his upbringing in Sheffield, his schooling, and professional career; includes a number of black and white photographs of Michael and his family)

  • Orion Media, 1997 (U.K.) ISBN 0-75280-504-5 (hardcover)
  • Orion Media, 1998 (U.K.) ISBN 0-75281-661-6 (paperback)

The Traveller's Handbook: The Indispensable Guide for the World Traveller
edited by Miranda Haines

(the 7th edition of the Traveller's Handbook featues a foreword by Michael Palin; Michael writes that "the more I travel in the world the less of the world I feel I have seen. Travel is a constantly frustrating business. It is like studying a catalogue of fine clothes or a good menu. It opens up a world of tantalising choices. The more I know about a place the more I want to go there, and the more I go there the more I want to know about it.")

  • WEXAS Ltd., 1997 (U.K.) ISBN 0-905802-08-X (hardcover)

Before You Go: Gap Year Advice - Tips & Hints for First-Time Travellers
by Tom Griffiths

(a book of travel tips for young travelers, the book tries to remain practical rather than pretentious; Michael Palin provides the foreword, in which he states: "If you have the urge to travel you should read this book - before, during and after you go - AND it makes wonderful toilet paper")

  • Quiller Press Limited, 1997 (U.K.) ISBN 1-899163-33-6 (paperback)

Dad's Army: A Celebration
by Richard Webber

(book celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Dad's Army" a BBC TV comedy series which ran for nine years from 1968 to 1977; Michael Palin provides the foreword to this book; Dad's Army premiered the year before Python and so, Michael writes, "the BBC Light Entertainmente wardrobe department had begun more and more to resemble an army barracks" due to the many army costumes)

  • Virgin, 1997 (U.K.) ISBN 0-85227-694-0 (hardcover)
  • Virgin Publishing Ltd., 1999 (U.K.) ISBN 0-7535-0307-7 (paperback)

The Best of Southwold
edited by John Miller

(Michael Palin wrote the foreword to this book about the seaside town of Southwold on the Suffolk Heritage Coast; Michael Palin met his future wife, Helen, while his family vacationed there in 1959, some of the first episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus where filmed in Southwold, and Michael pushed John Cleese off the harbour wall there in a sketch in which John is still sitting at his desk reading the news)

  • Sutton Publishing Limited, 1998 (U.K.) ISBN 0-7509-1864-0 (paperback)

The Daily Show's Five Questions from Comedy Central (1998) (see John Cleese)

Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure
by Michael Palin

(when Michael Palin was researching for his novel Hemingway's Chair his interest was stimulated by Hemingway's appetite for travel, so he filmed a travel series based on Hemingway's life and career; this is Michael's own account written from his diaries and notes he kept during, before and after the filming of the television series; Palin visits the restless Hemingway's many residencies, drinks (less excessively) in the same charming Parisian bars, tries boxing and Cuban marlin fishing, but he's really trying to discover what made Hemingway tick--what inspired him to write)

  • Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1999 (U.K.) ISBN 0-297-82528-3 (hardcover)
  • St. Martin's Press, 2000 (U.S.) ISBN 0312243995 (hardcover)
  • St. Martin's Press, 2001 (U.S.) ISBN 0312280467 (paperback)
  • Orion, 2004 (U.K.) ISBN 0752837060 (paperback)

The Perfect Journey
by winners of the Guardian/Piccadilly Teenage Writing Competition

(a collection of short stories by young teenage writers about the subject of the 'perfect journey'; Michael Palin was one of the judges and also wrote a brief introduction to the book containing the stories)

  • Piccadilly Press Ltd., 2000 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85340-691-0 (hardcover)
  • Piccadilly Press Ltd., 2000 (U.K.) ISBN 1-85340-696-1 (paperback)

Life of Michael: An Illustrated Biography of Michael Palin
by Jerremy Novick

(a handsomely illustrated biography of Michael Palin, based on interviews with Michael conducted by Jeremy Novick, journalist and author and former television critic for The Independent; covers Michael's life as a Python, his days at Oxford University, his books, and globetrotting adventures)

  • Headline Book Publishing, 2001 (U.K.) ISBN 0-7472-3529-5 (hardcover)

by Michael Palin

(Michael Palin trekked to Francophone Africa in the period February 2001 through February 2002, believing that the Sahara embodies "the thin line between survival and destruction, the power to take life or to transform it;" this book is the tie-in to the television series, consisting of Palin's journal entries, full of his trademark self-deprecating humor and politcal observations)

  • Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2002 (U.K.) ISBN 0-297-84303-6 (hardcover)
  • Thomas Dunne Books, 2003 (U.S.) ISBN 0312305419 (hardcover)
  • Phoenix mass market p/bk, 2004 (U.K.) ISBN 075381739X (paperback)
  • St. Martin's Griffin, 2005 (U.S.) ISBN 0312305435 (paperback)

Sahara: The Photographs
by Michael Palin and Basil Pao

(a large collection of photographs taken by photographer Basil Pao while filming the documentary Sahara; includes descriptions and text by Michael Palin)

  • Weidenfeld Nicolson Illustrated , 2002 (U.K.) ISBN 0304363294 (hardcover)


The British Comedy Annual 2002 Edition
edited by Brigit Bailey-Grant

(the official commemorative publication for the 2002 British Comedy Awards at which Michael Palin received the Lifetime Achievement Award; the book itself contains mostly advertisements and a few articles, interviews, and profiles of the winners, although Michael's bio is not present; includes a few Fawlty Towers references and a review of the new Fawlty Towers book)

  • Profile PUrsuit Limited, 2002 (U.K.) ISBN 0-9542917-1-9 (paperback)

by Michael Palin

(compiled from Michael Palin's journal, as he undergoes six months of hard travelling, taking on the full length of the Himalaya including the Khyber Pass, the hidden valleys of the Hindu Kush, ancient cities like Peshawar and Lahore, the mighty peaks of K2, Annapurna and Everest, the bleak and barren plateau of Tibet, the gorges of the Yangtze, the tribal lands of the Indo-Burmese border and the vast Brahmaputra delta in Bangladesh)

  • Weidenfeld Nicolson Illustrated, 2004 (U.K.) ISBN 0297843710 (hardcover)
  • Phoenix mass market p/bk, 2005 (U.K.) ISBN 0753819902 (paperback)

Inside Himalaya with Michael Palin
photographs by Basil Pao, introduction by Michael Palin

(features over 300 photographs taken by Basil Pao during his adventure with Michael Palin through some of the world's most inhospitable terrain, from the deserts of Afghanistan to the sheer slopes of Mount Everest)

  • Weidenfeld Nicolson Illustrated, 2005 (U.K.) ISBN 0297843702 (hardcover)