The Quest for the Holy Grail (1984)

(text and "drawn graphics" adventure-based game for the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum 48k; billed as "the world's first funnyised graphic adventure;" not an official Monty Python game but pretty much a blatant rip off of the film - including a knight who says 'Nic', a killer rabbit, a shrubbery, and holy hand grenade; written by Chris Newcombe and marketed by Dream Software Ltd. (U.K.) it was later resurected and distributed by Mastertronic (U.K.) as a £1.99 bargain title; a U.S. company called Epyx was also a distributer; Mastertronic later evolved into Virgin Mastertronic that published the Flying Circus game in 1991)

  • Dream Software Ltd., 1984 (U.S.) (COMMODORE 64 / ZX SPECTRUM 48K)
  • Mastertronic, 1984 (U.S.), ICD 0054 (COMMODORE 64 / ZX SPECTRUM 48K)
  • Epyx, 1985 (U.S.) (COMMODORE 64)


Monty Python's Flying Circus: The Computer Game (1990)

(a computer game where you control D.P. Gumby and his search for four pieces of his missing brain. Pilot him in various incarnations through a labyrinth of Pythonesque obstacles, such as: cheese, vikings, dead parrots, keep left signs, the Spanish Inquisition, half-bees named Eric, soft cushions, and much more; along the way, Mr. Gumby must collect Spam, sausages, eggs, Spam, baked beans, and Spam; if he collects enough he will earn a piece of his brain back; programmed by Core Design (U.K.) and published by Virgin Mastertronic/Tronix; read about this game in the Daily Llama No. 24; supports IMB PC, Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64 disk/cassette, Spectrum +3/Cassette, Amstrad disk/cassete)

  • Virgin Games, 1990 (U.K.) (AMIGA) (included free Mr. Gumby badge
  • Tronix/Virgin Games, 1990 (U.K.) (ATARI ST, ATARI STF, STFM, STE, 520 and 1040)
  • Virgin Mastertronic, (ISBN 52145-20154) (IBM & MS DOS Compatibles EGA, VGA, CGA)

Monty Python's Complete Waste Of Time (1994)

(interactive CD-ROM for the PC and Macintosh set up as a series of games; features new material provided by Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin; navigate through the lobes of Mrs. Zambesi's brain and interact with images and characters from countless Flying Circus sketches; read about this title in the Daily Llama Vol 1 No 3; also visit 7th Level's Official Complete Waste of Time website)

  • 7th Level, Inc., 70033 (ISBN 0-9641098-3-2) (PC)
  • 7th Level, Inc., 70146 (ISBN 0-887889-00-0) (Macintosh version does not include the Python phone messages) (Macintosh)

Monty Python's Flying Circus Desktop Pythonizer (1994)

(program which allows you to add Monty Python sounds, pictures, interactive screen savers, etc. to your Windows environment; does not include as many Pythonizer items as the CD-ROM however.)

  • 7th Level, Inc., 70038 (ISBN 0-9641098-4-0) (six floppy diskette version; does not include as many Pythonizer items as the CD-ROM) (PC)
  • 7th Level, Inc., 70064 (ISBN **********) (CD-ROM version which contains the same material as the Pythonizer on the Complete Waste of Time CD) (PC)

Monty Python's Flying Circus Desktop Pythonizer: Monty Python's Limited Edition Desktop Extras (1994)

(single floppy disk with additional Pythonizer modules; comes free upon submitting the registration card for the "Complete Waste of Time" CD-ROM and/or the "Desktop Pythonizer")

  • 7th Level, Inc., 70041


Live (Life) With(out) Monty Python (1994)

(interactive compact disc for the Philips/Magnavox CD-i player; features karaoke songs and sketches where you can sing or participate in popular sketches like the Dead Parrot sketch and the Argument Clinic; released November of 1994 in Europe; read about it in the Daily Llama Vol 1 No 7)

TRACK LISTING: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life; Lumberjack Song; Every Sperm is Sacred; I've Got Two Legs; The Meaning of Life; Money Song; Bruces' Philosphers Song; Accountancy Shanty; Camelot Song; Penis Song; Dennis Moore Theme; Sit On My Face; Galaxy Song; Never Be Rude to an Arab; Brian Song; Argument Clinic; Parrot Sketch

  • Daedalus CD-i Productions (Amsterdam) (1994), 819 1008 (CD-i)

More Naughty Bits (1994)

(interactive compact disc for the Philips/Magnavox CD-i player; some of the best sketches with optional subtitles in four different languages. Includes the Bavarian restaurant sketch from the German television series; released November of 1994 in Europe; read about it in Daily Llama Vol 1 No 7)

TRACK LISTING: Black Knight; Trojan Rabbit; What Have the Romans Ever Done For Us; Fat Man (Mr. Creosote); Four Yorkshireman; Bwian; Nudge Nudge; Dirty Fork; Silly Job Interview; Dead Parrot; Kilimanjaro; Ministry of Silly Walks; Spanish Inquisition; Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook; Argument Clinic; Merchant Banker; Das Bayerisches Restaurant Stück

  • Daedalus CD-i Productions (Amsterdam) (1994), 819 1006 (CD-i)

The Invasion Of The Planet Skyron (1995)

(title for the Philips CD-i player in which you play Pythonesque arcade games in nine different Terry Gilliam-cartoon environments; the game also features full-motion video clips from the Monty Python television series which serve as rewards for completing the games; read about this title in Daily Llama Vol 1 No 7)

  • Daedalus CD-i Productions (Amsterdam) (1995), 819 1007 (CD-i)

Monty Python's Complete Waste Of Time: An Official Compendium Of Answers To Ruddy Questions Not Normally Considered Relevant To Mounties! by Rusel Demaria and Alex Uttermann

(a terrific hintbook for "Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time" CD-ROM game. Comes complete with maps, illustrations, and instructions on what to do in each of the lobes of the brain as you search for the secret to intergalactic success. Profusely illustrated with Python graphics and other fun stuff. Hints can also obtained at 7th Level, Inc.'s web site.)

  • Prima Publishing, 1995 (U.S.) ISBN 0-7615-0139-8 (paperback)

Monty Python's Quest For The Holy Grail (1996)

(the second Monty Python CD-ROM game to come out of 7th Level; produced by Eric Idle with new contributions by the members of Monty Python; guide King Arthur and his silly knights across the English countryside in search of the Holy Grail; play silly games and find hidden clues; plays just like the movie!; limited edition features unique packaging with the signatures of the six Pythons on the front and on the disc; read about this game in Daily Llama Issues Vol 1/No 3 and Vol 1/No 11; Visit 7th Level's Holy Grail Web Site for even more information)

  • 7th Level, Inc., 70241 (ISBN 1-887889-17-5) (PC)
  • 7th Level, Inc., 70320 (ISBN 1-887889-21-3) (Macintosh)

Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life (1997)

(the third Monty Python CD-ROM game, with new material provided by Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, and John Cleese; you search for the meaning of life in an ever-increasingly-more-difficult series of clue searches and games; features lots of never-before-seen Python animations, full-motion clips from the movie, and an interactive tour of Terry Gilliam's studio in his London home; this is the first Monty Python title to be sold by the new distributor, Panasonic Interactive Media)

  • Panasonic Interactive Media (1997), PIM-10028 (PC)

Monty Python's Looney Bin (1998)

(a software bundle of "Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time," "Monty Python & The Quest for the Holy Grail," and "Desktop Pythonizer" in new packaging; presented by Panasonic Interactive Media, who took over the distribution rights for the Monty Python products)

  • Panasonic Interactive Media (1998), PIM-10035 (PC)