Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus (1971/1972)

(contains both German Fliegender Zirkus episodes "Monty Python in Deutschland" (1971) and "Monty Python Blodeln fur Deutschland" (1972); filmed for Germany's Bavaria Atlier television of Munich; the first episode is entirely in German, which the Pythons had to learn phonetically, with English subtitles, while the second episode is in its original English; this particular tape has been available through Australian distributors and is only playable in PAL mode).

SHOW EINS: An Introduction to Monty Python By Frau Newsreader; The Journey of The Olympic Flame; Monty Python's Guide to Albrecht Durer; Anita Ekberg Sings Albrecht Durer; The Merchant of Venice; Little Red Riding Hood; The History of Comedy; Stake Your Claim; The Lumberjack Song with The Austrian Border Police

SHOW ZWIE: William Tell; Euro Sex Maniacs; The Sycophancy Show; Mouse Reserve/Fish Park; Chicken Mining; Football Match - Greeks v Germans; Wrestling Match - Colin "Bomber" Harris v Colin "Bomber" Harris; 10 Seconds of Sex; I Want A Hearing Aid; The Tale of Happy Valley (The Princess with The Wooden Teeth)

  • BMG Video (****), 74321 36100 3, 86 minutes (includes both German episodes)