Monty Python's Flying Circus was released on laser disc in the United States by Paramount Pictures around the same time as the videos. However, Paramount discontinued the laser disc series, so only 13 discs are available on NTSC (30 episodes). Each disc includes two or three episodes which, like the video casettes, are not featured in chronological order

Vol. 1 - The First Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc (1970)

EPISODE 14: 'Face the Press'; New cooker sketch; Tobacconists (prostitute advert); The Ministry of Silly Walks; The Piranha brothers.

EPISODE 17: Architect sketch; How to give up being a Mason; Motor insurance sketch; 'The Bishop'; Living room on pavement; Poets; A choice of viewing; Chemist sketch; Words not to be used again; After-shave; Vox pops; Police Constable Pan-Am.

EPISODE 29: 'The Money Programme'; 'There is nothing quite so wonderful as money' (song); Erizabeth L; Fraud film squad; Salvation fuzz; Jungle restaurant; Apology for violence and nudity; Ken Russell's 'Gardening Club'; The Lost World of Roiurama; Six more minutes of Monty Python's Flying Circus; Argument clinic; Hitting on the head lessons; Inspector Flying Fox of the Yard; One more minute of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

  • distributed by Paramount (1987), LV 12543 (ISBN x-xxxx-xxxx-x), 90 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 2 - The Second (In Sequence, Not Quality) Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc (1969/1970)

EPISODE 15: Man-powered flight; The Spanish Inquisition; Jokes and novelties salesman; Tax on thingy; Vox pops; Photos of Uncle Ted (Spanish Inquisition); The semaphore version of 'Wuthering Heights'; 'Julius Caesar' on an Aldis lamp; Court scene (charades).

EPISODE 20: 'The Attila the Hun Show'; Attila the Nun; Secretary of State striptease; Vox pops on politicians; Ratcatcher; Wainscotting; Killer sheep; The news for parrots; The news for gibbons; Today in Parliament; The news for wombats; Attila the Bun; The Idiot in Society; Test match; The Epsom furniture race; 'Take Your Pick'.

EPISODE 31: 'Summarize Proust Competition'; Everest climbed by hairdressers; Fire brigade; Our Eamonn; 'Party Hints' with Veronica Smalls; Language laboratory; Travel agent; Watney's Red Barrel; Theory on Brontosauruses by Anne Elk (Miss).

  • distributed by Paramount (1987), LV 12544 (ISBN 0-7921-1424-8), 90 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 3 - The Third (But Still Drastically Important Absolutely Necessary To Have) Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc (1970/1972)

EPISODE 22: 'How to recognize different parts of the body'; Bruces; Naughty bits; The man who contradicts people; Cosmetic surgery; Camp square-bashing; Cut-price airline; Batley Townswomen's Guild presents the first heart transplant; The first underwater production of 'Measure for Measure'; The death of Mary Queen of Scots; Exploding penguin on the TV set; There's been a murder; Europolice Song Contest; 'Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bong' (song).

EPISODE 28: Emigration from Surbiton to Hounslow; Schoolboys' Life Assurance Company; How to rid the world of all known diseases; Mrs Niggerbaiter explodes; Vicar/salesman; Farming Club; 'Life of Tschaikowsky'; Trim-Jeans Theatre; Fish-slapping dance; World War One; The BBC is short of money; Puss in Boots.

EPISODE 25: 'The Black Eagle'; Dirty Hungarian phrasebook; Court (phrasebook); Communist quiz; 'Ypres 1914' - abandoned; Art gallery strikes; 'Ypres 1914'; Hospital for over-actors; Gumby flower arranging; Spam.

  • distributed by Paramount (1988), LV 12545 (ISBN 0-7921-xxxx-x), 90 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 4 - The Fourth (Eagerly Awaited, Impatiently Anticipated, Ardently Sought After, Raring-To-Go And Real Good) Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc (1970/1972)

EPISODE 24: Conquistador coffee campaign; Repeating groove; Ramsey MacDonald striptease; Job hunter; Agatha Christie sketch (railway timetables); Mr Neville Shunte; Film director (teeth); City gents vox pops; 'Crackpot Religions Ltd'; 'How not to be seen'; Crossing the Atlantic on a tricycle; Interview in filing cabinet; 'Yummy yummy'; Monty Python's Flying Circus again in thirty seconds.

EPISODE 32: Tory Housewives Clean-up Campaign; Gumby brain specialist; Molluscs - 'live' TV documentary; The Minister for not listening to people; Tuesday documentary/children's story/party political broadcast; Apology (politicians); Expedition to Lake Pahoe; The silliest interview we've ever had; The silliest sketch we've ever done.

EPISODE 33: Biggles dictates a letter; Climbing the north face of the Uxbridge road; Lifeboat; Old lady snoopers; 'Storage jars'; The show so far; Cheese shop; Philip Jenkinson on Cheese Westerns; Sam Peckinpah's 'Salad Days'; Apology; The news with Richard Baker; Seashore interlude film.

  • distributed by Paramount (19**), LV ***** (ISBN 0-7921-****-*), ** minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 5 - The Fifth Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc
Blood, Devastation, Death, War, Horror, & Other Humorous Events

EPISODE 16: A bishop rehearsing; Flying lessons; Hijacked plane (to Luton); The Poet McTeagle; Psychiatrist milkman; Complaints; Deja vu.

EPISODE 30: 'Blood, Devastation, Death, War and Horror'; The man who speaks in anagrams; Anagram quiz; Merchant banker; Pantomime horses; Life and death struggles; Mary recruitment office; Bus conductor sketch; The man who makes people laugh uncontrollably; Army captain as clown; Gestures to indicate pauses in a televised talk; Neurotic announcers; The news with Richard Baker (vision only); 'The Pantomime Horse is a Secret Agent film'.

  • distributed by Paramount (1990), LV 12652 (ISBN 0-7921-1568-6), 60 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 6 - The Sixth Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc Dirty Vicars, Poofy Judges, and Oscar Wilde, too! (1970/1973)

EPISODE 21: Trailer; 'Archeology Today'; Silly vicar; Leapy Lee; Registrar (wife swap); Silly doctor sketch (immediately abandoned); Mr and Mrs Git; Mosquito hunters; Poofy judges; Mrs Thing and Mrs Entity; Beethoven's mynah bird; Shakespeare; Michaelangelo; Colin Mozart (ratcatcher); Judges.

EPISODE 39: Thames TV introduction; 'Light Entertainment Awards'; Dickie Attenborough; The Oscar Wilde sketch; David Niven's fridge; Pasolini's film 'The Third Test Match'; New brain from Curry's; Blood donor; International Wife-Swapping; Credits of the Year; The dirty vicar sketch.

  • distributed by Paramount (1990), LV 12653 (ISBN 0-7291-1569-4), 60 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 7 - The Seventh Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc Kamikaze Highlanders (1973)

EPISODE 37: 'Boxing Tonight' - Jack Bodell v. Sir Kenneth Clark; Dennis Moore; Lupins; What the stars foretell; Doctor; TV4 or not TV4' discussion; Ideal Loon Exhibition; Off-Licence; 'Prejudice'.

EPISODE 38: Party Political Broadcast (choreographed); 'A Book at Bedtime'; 'Redgauntlet'; Kamikaze Scotsmen; No time to lose; Penguins; BBC programme planners; Unexploded Scotsmen; 'Spot the Looney'; Rival documentaries; 'Dad's Doctors' (trail); Dad's Pooves' (trail).

  • distributed by Paramount (19**), LV 12654 (ISBN 0-7291-1570-8), 60 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 8 - The Eighth Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc I'm A Lumberjack (19**)

EPISODE 1: 'It's Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart'; Famous deaths; Italian lesson; Whizzo butter; 'It's the Arts'; Arthur 'Two-Sheds' Jackson; Picasso/cycling race; The funniest joke in the world.

EPISODE 9: Llamas; A man with a tape recorder up his nose; Kilimanjaro expedition (double vision); A man with a tape recorder up his brother's nose; Homicidal barber; Lumberjack song; Gumby crooner; The refreshment room at Bletchley; Hunting film; The visitors.

  • distributed by Paramount (1991), LV 12736 (ISBN 0-7291-1571-6), 60 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 9 - The Ninth Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc Chocolate Frogs, Baffled Cats, & Other Tasty Treats (1969/1970)

EPISODE 5: Confuse-a-Cat; The smuggler; A duck, a cat and a lizard (discussion); Vox pops on smuggling; Police raid; Letters and vox pops; Newsreader arrested; Erotic film; Silly job interview; Careers advisory board; Burglar/encyclopedia salesman.

EPISODE 6: 'It's the Arts'; Johann Gombolputty... von Hautkopf of Ulm; Non-illegal robbery; Vox pops; Crunchy frog; The dull life of a City stockbroker; Red Indian in theatre; Policemen make wonderful friends; A Scotsman on a horse; Twentieth-century vole.

  • distributed by Paramount (1990), LV 12737 (ISBN 0-7291-1572-4), 60 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 10- The Tenth Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc Dead Parrots Don't Talk & Other Fowl Plays (1969)

EPISODE 7: Camel spotting; You're no fun any more; The audit; Science fiction sketch; Man turns into Scotsman; Police station; Blancmanges playing tennis.

EPISODE 8: Army protection racket; Vox pops; Art critic - the place of the nude; Buying a bed; Hermits; Dead parrot; The flasher; Hell's Grannies.

  • distributed by Paramount (19**), LV 12738 (ISBN 0-7291-****-*), 60 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 11- The Eleventh Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc A Man With 3 Cheeks or Butt Naught For Me (1969/1970)

EPISODE 2: Flying sheep; French lecture on sheep-aircraft; A man with three buttocks; A man with two noses; Musical mice; Marriage guidance counsellor; The wacky queen; Working-class playwright; A Scotsman on a horse; The wrestling epilogue; The mouse problem.

EPISODE 11: Letter (lavatorial humour); Interruptions; Agatha Christie sketch; Literary football discussion; Undertakers film; Interesting people; Eighteenth-century social legislation; The Battle of Trafalgar; Batley Townswomens' Guild presents the Battle of Pearl Harbor; Undertakers film.

  • distributed by Paramount (1990), LV 12739 (ISBN 0-7921-1575-9), 60 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 12- The Twelfth Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc Dead Parrots Don't Talk & Other Fowl Plays (1970)

EPISODE 12: Falling from building; 'Spectrum' - talking about things; Visitors from Coventry; Mr. Hilter; The Minehead by-election; Police station (silly voices); Upperclass Twit of the Year; Ken Shabby; How far can a minister fall?

EPISODE 13: Intermissions; Restaurant (abuse/cannibalism); Advertisements; Albatross; Come back to my place; Me Doctor; Historical impersonations; Quiz programme - 'Wishes'; 'Probe-around' on crime; Stonehenge; Mr Attila the Hun; Psychiatry - silly sketch; Operating theatre (squatters).

  • distributed by Paramount (1990), LV 12740 (ISBN 0-7921-1575-9), 60 minutes [NTSC video]

Vol. 13 - The Thirteenth Monty Python's Flying Circus Laser Videodisc Silly Party & Other Favors (1970/1972)

EPISODE 19: 'It's a Living'; The time on BBC 1; School prize-giving; 'if' - a film by Mr Dibley; 'Rear Window' - a film by Mr Dibley; 'Finian's Rainbow' (starring the man from the off-licence); Foreign Secretary; Dung; Dead Indian; Timmy Williams interview; Raymond Luxury Yacht interview; Registry office; Election Night Special (Silly and Sensible Parties).

EPISODE 27: Court scene - multiple murderer; Icelandic saga; Court scene (Viking); Stock Exchange report; Mrs Premise and Mrs Conclusion visit Jean-Paul Sartre; Whicker Island.

  • distributed by Paramount (1991), LV 12601 (ISBN 0-7921-2059-0), 60 minutes [NTSC video]